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  • I use in my project c2runtime. At a certain point, today, this message began to appear. I rebooted the browser, rebooted the system, cleared browser cache but the error did not disappear. When switching to c3runtime, the problem disappears, but I do not want to use c3runtime in current project. How can I solve this problem?

  • Ashley, Nepeo, сould this problem be related to the update?

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  • It's not clear which version you're even using from this post. This is why we generally recommend posting a bug report following all the guidelines - we need all that information to be able to help.

    It also looks like there's another dialog which might have more information underneath the one that is showing.

  • Ashley

    I used r148 and r157 to find the error: there was an error there and there. The project was saved in r148 and I worked on it. In a separate window, a new project was opened on version r157. Hidden message - "Preparing project".

    Before your message, I again downloaded the version of r148, again showed an error. But after 1-2 minutes the preview was loaded by itself.

    I decided to check r157 after that: an error has come out again on this version. I rolled it back to r148 - I do not observe an error.

    I apologize for not writing to the section with bugs: I saw you online and hoped to get a prompt response, as I am limited in time and I do not have an account on GitHub. I hope this information will be useful, and my English will not make it difficult to read)

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