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  • Is it possible to get a better breakdown for which plugins are contributing to 'Plugin Processing' under the 'CPU Profiler' tab? The manual entry mentions 'Plugin Processing' can get significant if there are a lot of instances however my project uses less than ~200 and PP grows from less than 1% to 20% in about half an hour of playing, which is when the FPS starts to drop. When I was doing a public playtest at a meetup the FPS would drop enough to make the game unplayable after about an hour.

    I've gone through and disabled various behaviours to try and isolate the problem however I can't find the plugin causing the issue. It would be extremely helpful if there was some sort of breakdown within the profiler. Or if anyone has any suggestions on how else I can debug it that would be great!

  • Are you using 3rd party plugins? This sounds a bit like a memory leak if it just continues to grow. I remember the physics plugin caused me some issues like that back in C2 times after letting it run for an hour or two.

  • Hey thanks for the response. No third-party plugins, but I figured it out in the end.

    I am using the particles plugin to spray a water droplet object out of a pipe. The particles plugin was set to spawn a separate water droplet object as each of the particles. I had the plugin set to destroy the particles once stopped (instead of a timeout), but was also destroying the object/particle once it hit a certain surface. However, even though the object was being destroyed on collision, the particles plugin kept counting it as existing. So my object count in the profiler was always ~ 200 but according to the particle plugin there were 2600+ (and growing) particles after a couple minutes. Once I set the particles plugin to timeout after 5 seconds (even though the object would be destroyed on collision before the 5 seconds is up) 'Plugins Processing' was drastically reduced and the particle plugin was never counting more than 100 particles at a time. After running it for 30min plugins processing never exceeded 4% of CPU usage and my frame rate never dropped.

    All good that it is was solved in the end. Still would be nice to have a better breakdown for plugin processing since having known it was the particles plugin from the start would have saved a bunch of time. I'll throw it on the suggestion board.

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  • I see, you destroyed the object but not the associated particle. A better breakdown for individual plugins sounds like a good idea.

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