Are there any plans for a new Multiplayer Peer-2-Peer plugin?

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  • Well, after trying to make a game with construct's default multiplayer plugin I found out it just doesn't work. Even the examples won't connect with another machine if it's not in LAN and as far as I've searched this is a problem with the P2P protocol that the multiplayer plugin uses, I've tested the examples in different OSs and different countries, they will only work when in LAN.

    I have no knowledge whatsoever in P2P protocols and I understand that technology is in constant movement and things break, I'm not here to blame anyone, but I see games today that uses P2P connection just fine and I don't know how hard is to implement another plugin that makes P2P work.

    So, what i'd like to know is: Is there any plans for fixing this P2P issue? If not, can you guys recommend a third-party P2P plugin? If not, is there any tool similar to construct that has a functioning P2P feature?

    One last thing, I think you guys could be more transparent to people about this plugin's state by now. For example you could put a warning on the description of the multiplayer plugin saying that it probably won't work, that alone would have saved me so much time between figuring this out and testing and googling and maybe can save someone else's time in the future.



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  • Have you read the Multiplayer tutorial series? It covers many of the P2P concepts involved.

    According to our measurements, and from other industry estimates we've seen, P2P connections work about 90% of the time across the open internet. Of course if your device is in the 10%, it may seem like "it doesn't work at all", but it does work the vast majority of the time. You can cover almost all the last 10% by hosting a TURN server, which is what most commercial P2P games/apps will do to ensure connectivity. However it's a bandwidth relay server and means you'll have to pay the hosting costs, which is why it's not enabled by default and you have to set up your own.

  • Hey thanks for the quick answer, I have no problem in having to keep a host up but I think i'm a bit confused on how to set up this dedicated TURN server, the wikipedia link is kinda too abstract to me, I don't know how to apply this to construct.

    Is there any guide on this?

  • Just to complement my rushed answer before, I did read this tutorial before implementing the multiplayer, I've scanned through it again and i couldn't find anything about the TURN server

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