how to get same performance from C3 as it was on C2 ?

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  • I've been making games on C2 and now upgraded to C3.

    Recently I had a re-use a memory card game I did in C2 using a 3rd party tween plugin.

    I have everything I need out of the box on C3, so didn't need any 3rd party plugins.

    I recreated the same game, same way for C3 instead of just opening the C2 file.

    Both exported as HTML5 games.

    When I run the 2 games side by side on my testing devices, I notice that on about 5 year old mid range phones the C3 game is not smooth, a bit jerky. Where as the C2 game is so smooth. This game does not even have any effects or heavy code. Just a tween to flip the card by manipulating the width.

    So the question is, how do I make C3 run as smooth as C2 on the mid range phone?

    The newer recent phones can cope up because their processors are better.

    I tested on a Samsung A71, Samsung J7 Pro, Iphone 10, Iphone 11

    I noticed the difference between the 2 versions very significantly on the Samsung J7 Pro. This phone came out in 2017. Didn't notice any difference in other phones.

    What is the optimum settings to make the game work smoothly on older phones?

    Appreciate any help on how to improve C3 performance of this game.

    These are the 2 games in question.

    C2 game:

    C3 game: (Please play as a guest)

  • Tested on Sony Xperia Z2 and both links play normally.

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  • did you experience any slight lags or delays when flipping the cards on the C3 game (zoombound)

  • No for me. It's super smooth.

  • No for me.

    It's super smooth.

  • Thanks, It could be a problem for certain models then.

    My concern is why is the C3 one laggy when then C2 one is super smooth on the J7.. I'm playing with performance settings on C3 to get it as close to C2. Still no luck. Maybe I'm not doing this right.

  • Can you export it from Construct 3 using runtime 2 and see if that works.

    Problem could simply be that your phone plays better with version 2 because of some browser/driver issues with newer Construct runtime. Also try to disable web worker before export ( That one causes a lot of problems )

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