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  • Particles2 is a world plugin that uses controlled sprites as particles, so they can be animated, rotated, colored etc. Most of the settings are available in the editor properties (no need for event setup). The example above used an extra 4 color fades that were input in the on start of layout event.

    Many of the inputs containing multiple values that are separated by commas. How does this work? Well, most are a means of entering min and max values to determine an on-spawn random number. For example, the Timer entry has "a, b, c, d" where a and b are the min and max delay times for the random delay that happens before any fading starts, then c and d are the min and max values of the random fade out time.

    The plugin supports sprites with "Tint" effect, which gives better performance (but no Tint is also supported).

    Bounce off solid is also supported, as is a 30 fps option. All of the random numbers can be spread linear or pseudo-Gaussian between the min and max values.

    This is still a work-in-progress and some options might yet change, but I've been wondering if there are any suggestions for features that I should add. Thanks.

  • Considering that we can use objects as particles, that we can then further control relatively easy with events, what is the benefit?

    (Not that I don´t appreciate you developing plugins!)

  • WackyToaster - Of course, you could do all of this with events and/or with JavaScript scripting (which is all any plugin is, after all!).

    Like other plugins, this one is a plugin of convenience - there is minimal set-up time and just one point of entry for controlling the particle system. It is also easily transportable between projects compared to one's typical project events for an equivalent control system.

    Also, I enjoy the logic battle of making plugins!

  • That looks really interesting, this could definitely interest me as I really feel that the official plugin is quite limited, right now you seem to fulfil all the missing features it should have.

    Tho, I'm wondering how is your plugin acting performance wise? Did you make some bench already?

  • Fade in.

  • Performance is a good question and it depends on what you want your particles to do...

    Presently, the performance on my i5 laptop for the demo above with Arnie has 450 particles, each with 8 animation frames with bounce off solid enabled, and it uses 3.5 ms to control all of the particles each tick. Not a lot, but a lot greater than zero... I'm about to look at a render version of the plugin that has the same properties but only has one image (like the standard Particle plugin). Performance should be much better, but animations will not be possible. Swings and roundabouts...

    Fade in - not sure. I don't want it to be possible for particles to last for ever if fade-out destroy is selected but particles only fade in. Let me ponder this one.

  • I actually got something that I found the official plugin missing: Pre-Fire

    It´s just a minor thing but right now a particle effect will only start emitting once the layout is loaded. Having it pre-fire would mean the particle effect is already there when the layout starts instead of just starting out.

  • I'll just leave this here:

  • Well that´s smooth newt!

    But then again :)

    Like other plugins, this one is a plugin of convenience

  • True, and that kind of reminds me of a feature request, but that's a separate topic in itself.

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  • newt - you only added a pseudo-warm-up method - did you forget to add the other features using events? :p

  • That's pretty much where the fade-in starts.

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