If Opera had bought C3

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  • I was taking a look at Opera and their new Browser, which they bought GM studio for!

    Mockup if C3 had been bought by Opera:

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  • I don't want to see anything similar to C3. Scirra comes this way because of the amazing commitment of the creators and the loyal users base. Once a big company take over, the small company would eventually lose the decision making capability, the parent company will want to recover the money and eventually shift their focus to squeeze and generate more revenue.

    I love C3 not only because it's an amazing piece of software to make games, I like the environment, the community, ethics etc. I never see anywhere the founder of the software this big actively present on the community whenever he can. This tells a lot, This reflects how committed they are towards their software. I wish more people to discover this gem.

  • I request Ashley to please delete the topic posted by a random idiot yesterday if possible ban him. He might be another spammer who got paid by a company who recently got acquired by a Chinese company. ✌

  • i think c3 need changefor plugin developer!

    It really needs to attract more plug-in developers. They should focus on building a sirra asset store, rather than patronizing the sale of software. Rex is no longer there. Fortunately, there are authors like mikal who are working hard. What if they are all gone?

  • What if they are all gone?

    You learn to code yourself? and do your own plugins, as you need them per your projects? Construct was and it seems it still is a javascript/xml based Engine/Code Interpreter and has a fully documented SDK, is not that hard to learn to do plugins, problem is because of R0J0 and others (you could count them on fingers ) the rest of community, over 10,000 -100,000 people, got lazy. If they are gone, i think would be to a rather advancement in their own life and i hope they will do good and be prosperous, they deserve it probably worked their butts off for it. As for us the "can someone help me with a example" we should learn to code our own plugins, especially after some years of being around the Scirra Forum.

    If you don't know where to start to learn javascript, there is this free organization that offers tutorials and full courses on javascript and html and i think even sql etc if you follow those courses you can have the skills you need. (this is not an advertising just a free suggestion website)

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