Any one else experiencing audio popping/crackling on android direct APK export?

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  • I've noticed this issue also occurs on a remote preview to a mobile device but if I log into construct 3 editor and play directly from my phone no issue. Even stranger only a few certain audio files are doing it. One is a truck engine the other is wind chimes and the last one is a low rumble noise. I tried lowering and raising the decibels of the audio to no avail. I'm wondering if its something to do with the audio file its self but at the same time, that seems redundant seeing as it works fine on pc even after export. But then again the export has no problem with any of the other sound effects or music.

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  • I feel like I had this problem once. Does it always happen when the audio starts/stops/loops?

  • Yes it does. Ashley answered this question for me on github it's an issue with Samsung I'm using galaxy note 8 he tested it on his phone and there was no issue. Very crazy I would have never known this had he not told me. So moving forward with android definitely a good idea to test on as many phones possible.

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