Objects not aligned correctly in preview (Anchor problem?)

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  • Hi! I noticed a strange behavior yesterday. After adding the Anchor behavior for some SVG objects (white buttons at the bottom) and a tiled BG other Buttons and Text were aligned on the far left side in preview, outside of the normal viewport. I tried to reproduce it in a new project to report it as bug but it worked fine in the demo project. I don't know what causes this and some Text objects are even not showing up at all in preview and in a built debug APK.

    The other objects have no Behavior and are visible and have no actions attached. I don't know why this happens. I copied one of the invisible text objects to another layout and it is visible there.

    Did anyone notice something similar?

    I use the current stable r197.2.

    in Editor:

    (The text with the icons/emoticons is not visible on the other layout)

    in Preview:

    (everything is on the far left outside of the usual viewport (its 1080x1920 for mobile)

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  • What Anchor setting did you select? Should be "Top edge: Viewport bottom", everything else None. Also, try enabling unbounded scrolling on the layout, check layer parallax etc.

  • Thanks. I have Top Edge: Viewport Bottom but I forgot to set Left Edge. I changed it to none and the menu is centered now. But other text objects and button objects are still left aligned outside of the viewport in preview but they dont have the Anchor behavior.

  • I'm guessing your layout scrolls to the right. Put all UI objects on a separate layer with zero parallax.

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