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  • Hi guys, just wanted post my experience for my first game with this tool,

    very easy to use from browser , really kudos for the dev guy for this !

    not so east to select sprite if you don't care to put them in layer for this purpose..

    selecting a sprite from project view ..well it is not clear you are going to modify that instance in that layout or just the whole sprite.

    drag drop a sprite , changing value , set all other the same..damn , ok i can clone one but what the point of same object instance , unless i miss something..

    event driven stuff ahahaha , well i am surprised how this work well for the project i did, but i would love more doc regarding scripting from editor ...

    anyway I really enjoy the engine , for what I had to do it perfectly fit the bill

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  • cloning is making an entirely different object.

    so you can make triggers for object A or object B

    sometimes when you have very similar objects you could instead only make 1 object type and then differentiate by an instance variable.

    I'm not sure the rule of thumb for when you really want to make a different object type so similar, but after you use construct for a while, you will just know.

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