I need help with local storage for level saving progress!

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  • Hello guys.

    I want to make a game with a few levels.

    In the main menu, when the player taps on the play for the first time, I want the game to start level 1.

    And let's say he reached level 25. If he quits the game then, and start again I want the game to start from level 25 and not from 1 again.

    And for that I want to use the local storage from Construct 3.

    In the main menu I have the following events:

    And in every level I have this:

    I have a global variable current_level, and every time a level is finished I want for the variable to be saved. And when the play button is tapped, if the current_level is 1 to start level 1, if is 2 start level 2, and so on.

    On PC when I test the game, sometimes it does not work.

    But if i export on the android, when I tap on the play button the game does not start.

    I know that something is not right in the events, but I can't figure what.

    Can please someone help me?

    Thanks and have a nice day to everyone :D

  • The conditions at 11, 12 and 13 should be asking whether the global variable is 1, 2 or 3.

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  • Thanks a lot for the quick answer.

    I changed the conditions to ask for the global variable and now it works perfect.

    Thanks a lot :D

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