Need help, my game seems that is not running all events

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  • Well it is basicaly what it says.

    Right now on my game i have waves of enemies, and a minimap that displays the ships locations, and sometimes the icons do not get destroyed when the ship is distoryed, the screen does not shake all the time and other little things that i got it runing on the events .. but sometimes they run and sometimes they dont.

    The main problem to share the file here is that is a comercial project, and i got affraid that the graphics and other stuff get ripped from my game.

  • You can strip it down of all the things we don´t need. Or at least post a screenshot of the events, otherwise it´s guessing time.

    My guess is that you have two or more ships destroyed at the same frame and you need a foreach somewhere. Maybe.

  • Here i have stripped almoust all animations.

    Please do not use the graphics on other projects, i am a solo developer, as most of the comunity here.

  • Uh... 90mb is massive, you could have stripped that down to a few mb easily. :V I´m not ever going to find anything in there, that´s exactly why Ashley always wants minimal repros for bugreports. You can get rid of all the non-relevant parts: layouts, event sheets, graphics and especially sounds/music. Also has the benefit that nobody can rip anything of value from it then. (On that note, you have the copyright anyway. If you see someone using your stuff, an angry letter from a lawyer usually solves that really quick.)

    One thing about the screen shake is that it doesn´t work when you are at the edges of the layout. It´s a quirk of that particular action (it´s uses scroll but isn´t allowed to scroll past layout edges).

    About the minimap dots not vanishing... no idea. If you can strip down the project much more it will be much easier to find the issue.

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  • Guys any othe sugestions would be great

    Can anyone from scirra team as well have a look?

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