Mobile Ads - User Consent dialogue issue

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  • Im having trouble getting the MobileAdvert > User Consent dialogue to work properly.

    I have 'Locations to show user consent dialog' set to None. So the dialogue isnt shown at start of game.

    Rather I am showing the dialogue manually at another point in the game.

    If I have it right, when the user chooses an option on the User Consent dialogue, the condition

    Mobile Ads > On User Personalization Updated should trigger. Is that right?

    In my testing that condition doesn't get triggered..

    When the dialogue opens, expression: ConsentStatus shows UNKNOWN.

    User chooses an option > ConsentStatus gets updated to 'PERSONALIZED' or 'NON'* >

    AND 'On User Personalization Update' should trigger...

    Has anyone else noticed this or am I doing it wrong?

    *Another thing I noticed is that in the documentation it says the ConsentStatus expression will return: PERSONALIZED, NON_PERSONALIZED, AD_FREE or UNKNOWN.

    In my testing it doenst return NON_PERSONALIZED, it just returns 'NON'..

  • Yes, Scirra has a bug here. I've seen it before. So in my games I validate both 'NON_PERSONALIZED' and 'NON' :) Otherwise it will break when they fix the bug :)

    I have never validated 'On User Personalization Update' though..

  • Ok so you've noticed that expression ConsentStatus returns NON rather than NON_PERSONALIZED.

    But you havent tested 'On User Personalization Update'. Ok see, Im not sure if I am using that condition correctly.

    Guess Ill do a bug report.

  • Yes, but in the old consent you can get

    • ConsentStatus.PERSONALIZED: The user has granted consent for personalized ads.
    • ConsentStatus.NON_PERSONALIZED: The user has granted consent for non-personalized ads.
    • ConsentStatus.UNKNOWN: The user has neither granted nor declined consent for personalized or non-personalized ads.

    But in the new google consent you can get

    • ConsentStatus.UNKNOWN: Unknown consent status.
    • ConsentStatus.REQUIRED: User consent required but not yet obtained.
    • ConsentStatus.NOT_REQUIRED: User consent not required. For example, the user is not in the EEA or the UK.
    • ConsentStatus.OBTAINED : User consent obtained. Personalization not defined.

    So in the new way of working you are not allowed to know if the user has actually allowed personalized or none personalized. Only that they have given consent (to either one). So currently it seems like there is a bug, yes. But regardless, they should soon move over to the new one (I guess?). That's what I asked in my previous forum post, but did not get any answers for it.

    Do you have issues with iOS, Android or both?

  • See my old post about this:

    I got no feedback though

    Where to report bugs

    If you run in to a bug or issue in Construct 3, please post it to the GitHub issue tracker here:

    You must follow the bug report guidelines or your issue will be closed without investigation.

    No proper report, no feedback.

  • fredriksthlm

    At the moment I've only tested this on Android. I'm not sure if its a problem on iOS too.

  • You must follow the bug report guidelines or your issue will be closed without investigation.

    No proper report, no feedback.

    As I wrote, I don't care about the bug. Since it is easy to work around, and might be breaking to correct.

    I was more interested if the "community" think we use the incorrect/deprecated consent functionality or not. But nobody seemed to care.

  • Kyatric what would you say is the best way to submit a bug report for this issue, given, to test the issue the test project would need to use Publisher ID and Android App ID from Admob..

    I guess Scirra has their own publisher ID set up for testing?

    If I provide a project file, then specify steps for Scirra to add in Publisher ID, create a app on Admob > get AppID etc...

    Is that the way to do it?

  • I submitted a bug report about this:

    MobileAdvert plugin - Condition 'On User Personalization Updated' does not trigger as exected?

    I actually discovered something useful.

    I found that when user makes a choice on the User Consent dialogue, the window closes and the condition:

    'On Configuration Complete' fires.

    The way Ive been interpreting the documentation, I was thinking that condition 'On User Personalization Updated' should fire... because youve changed the user personalization from UNKNOWN to either PERSONALIZED or NON.. Is my interpretation of when that condition should be triggered wrong? Kyatric

  • Another question.

    Is the condition 'On Configuration Complete' triggered anywhere else?

    Its triggered on start of App, its triggered when user makes a choice on user consent dialogue.

    According to the manual this condition triggers 'when the application ID is successfully set'. So are there any other situations where application ID is set and 'On Configuration Complete' is triggered?

    Anyone know?



    I think 'On Config Complete' also triggers when 'Request IDFA' action is used.

  • I did some more testing and I have a better understanding of this now.

    It seems the terms 'ConsentStatus' and 'Personalization' are used interchangably to describe the same thing (which is really confusing???).

    ConsentStatus / Personalization can be: UNKNOWN, PERSONALIZED, NON, AD_FREE.

    There are two actions related to setting / changing these values:

    'Set Personalization' > Allows developer to set these values in project events.

    'Show User Consent Dialog' > Allows app user to set these values themselves via a popup window.

    In both cases the value for ConsentStatus / Personalization can be retrieved via the MobileAdvert > ConsentStatus expression.

    The conditon 'On User Personalization Updated' triggers when the action 'Set Personalization' is used.

    It does NOT trigger when the value for ConsentStatus / Personalization is changed via the User Consent Dialog... despite the fact the same values are being changed....


    I need a condition that triggers specifically when the User Consent Dialog closes. No such trigger exists as far as I can see?

  • Ashley Nepeo

  • you can set a 'trigger once' if any of those three are set: PERSONALIZED, NON, AD_FREE.

    That event will trigger when the user changes his consent (from UNKNOWN which is the status when the app opens for the first time)

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  • Yes Ill probably end up doing something like that.

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