Mobile Advert Consent - version and status (Breaking change again?)

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  • Hi,

    I've been using the Mobile Advert plugin for years and it's always worked out fine. Now I am investigating the user consents for my users and I'm experienceing some stuff that raised two questions for me.

    1. It seems the Scirra plugin uses deprecated/legacy user consent, which "should" be avoided I guess(?). I do not know which date it's actually is closed down though. Any comments or status of this? Do you all think it's "safe" to use this

    Scirra Mobile Advert plugin uses this:

    Now Google recommend:

    (The change will be of a "breaking change" type, if you use consent status expressions at least!)

    2. Even with the actual plugin consent (SDK) I experience a minor issue. If the user haven't made a consent the status should be "NON_PERSONALIZED" according to Google SDK and also C3 manual. But I only get "NON" as the status? Is this a bug?

  • Same issue

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  • Yes Im noticing some problems with MobileAdvert > Consent as well.

    The issue you mention about ConsentStatus expression returning NON rather than NON_PERSONALIZED, I mentioned that in a bug report here (under More Details part of bug report):

    The issue I am having with Mobile Advert is the condition 'On User Personalization Updated' doesnt trigger when 'Personalization' is updated via the User Consent Dialog..

    I was thinking this conditon should trigger when the User Consent Dialog window closes. ie, user makes a choice on User Consent Dialog, Consent Status is updated to PERSONALIZED, NON, OR AD_FREE.. And therefore 'Personalization' has been updated So condition 'On User Personalization Updated' should trigger but it doesn't...

    Or maybe I have it wrong, and that condition is NOT supposed to trigger in that scenario. If thats the case, then there needs to be a separate condition that triggers when Consent Status Dialog closes???

  • Any of you know how to change the language of the consent dialog?

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