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  • I logged on to construct 3 today, rolled my mouse scroll wheel to scroll down and the entire window's contents shrunk to an unreadable size. I cannot get it to go back. Also, whenever I search for this issue I run into many questions about layout views and viewports, not anything about this. Help please!

  • It´s a known issue with chromium. I assume you use the desktop app (and chrome). Simply go to in chrome, open the menu and set the zoom to 100%. I think the shortcut for this is Ctrl + 0. After that everything should be back to normal.

  • Thanks a bunch

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  • Hi. It happened in my desktop version but even in chrome its very tiny and CTRL+0 does not fix it. Only the layout in the center is zoomed but the panels around are extremely tiny.

    after deleting browser cache and all hosted app data it works again. But is it possible to fix this without clearing everything?

  • Dont know about desktop version as not used but also an issue on browser version related to suggestion raised here. -

    please vote if you have votes left.

    on the browser version you can see the reset zoom option by clicking the 3 dots on the right or right clicking on the title bar. Not sure how or if possible on desktop version tho.

  • This has already been filed as an issue -->

    Where Ashley said that it´s an issue with chrome --> ... ?id=823247

    Where it was fixed a couple of days ago actually. Based on ... -or-canary this will take ~10 weeks before it´s shipped into the stable chrome version, so we need patience, or use (I wouldn´t though)

    The problem is if you search for the issue on github (with "zoom") you will not find it unless you delete the "is:open" because Ashley closed this error. I think what would be great is some sort of bugtracker, possibly even inside of construct, that shows the current open bugs and if they are beeing worked on. So if you encounter an error, you could quickly check if it´s already been filed aswell as it´s status without even leaving construct. This will likely lead to some amount of overhead, but also might lead to reduce duplicate bugreports and frustration. I mean the bug has already been filed, fixed and will roll out soonish, so a user shouldn´t be left uninformed needing to make a "help pls" thread, and Ashley doesn´t need to be told for the 15th time that there is a bug.

    At minimum, Ashley shouldn´t close an issue unless it´s actually been 100% fixed and released, because else users won´t find it (that easy) when they search for it and just end up filing them again, posting suggestions, make threads about it, etc. I personally almost filed that zoom issue again recently, I don´t even know anymore how I found out it has actually been filed and is beeing worked on already.

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