Have you made any progress on the "Scene Graph" proposal? I waited for three years.

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  • Here is the link: construct3.ideas.aha.io/ideas/C3-I-12

    I'd like to know any progress on this proposal. I've been following this proposal since three years ago, but it's still in the plan.

  • Coincidentally, we actually recently started development work on this. However it will likely be a several months long project given the size and scope of the feature. I've updated the feature you linked to.

  • Hell yeah!

  • Wooooo

  • at last!

  • Wow that's awesome! Hey Ashley, can you possibly give some insight into how the "scene graph" will work?

    • Is there going to be a new scene bar (as in project bar or layers bar)?
    • In the event sheet, if a parent object gets picked will all the children get picked too? If a child object gets picked will it's siblings and parent get picked too?
    • Will any changes be made to the existing container functionality?
    • Any other interesting details?
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  • Great news! Ashley can you please share some of the framework / plans as it becomes available, so you can get some feedback from your friendly C3 game devs, before the design is 'locked'? I imagine there are a number of different views of what folks are looking for when they say 'scene graph' related to game dev.

  • One of the problems we have with feature suggestions is the vagueness of many suggestions - the filed suggestion says little more than "make a scene graph feature", which means it's pretty much left entirely up to our interpretation of that. We have some rough plans, but our job is to make what users want. The risk of a vague suggestion is we do what we think was meant, but really people were thinking of something else. I try to encourage people to be detailed and comprehensive but often that doesn't happen.

    If you think the scene graph should work in a particular way, now is definitely the time to explain what you think that should mean, in detail. Screenshot mockups, comparing various approaches, thinking about advantages/disadvantages and tradeoffs, the various editing facilities, the runtime features, the edge cases that might trip people up, how it might tie in to other existing features and potential future ones... all of that is important and can result in significant delays if it's not properly thought through in advance. You don't have to do any of this - if nobody does, as I mentioned we'll just do our own interpretation of it - but if you have strong feelings about how it ought to work, the sooner you provide a comprehensive and clear explanation of what that is, the better chance we have of incorporating that.

  • Ayy I'm glad this feature will be added and will benefit many people, but I do find it suprising that this thread was the way to informally announce the feature.

    To me, it seems that if nobody had randomly decided to post asking about Scene Graphs, then this whole "Provide Scirra with early details so we can tailor it to our customers better" approach may not have been started.

    OP did indeed post this after 3 years of creating the suggestion, but if OP never decided to post this thread, then would Scirra have made their own interpretation of Scene Graphs and then release a beta and people may have had completely different ideas?

    The other notable thing is, this is not like, blog news? It's cool to hear about the future of Construct 3! A roadmap is always welcomed.

    However, I'm a bit unsure about what Ashley has said, with the whole "people should put more detailed description in their suggestion." It is known that the suggestions website is a lot of administrative work for Scirra to go through, on top of everything else that they do. I'd imagine that if Scirra does not have an interest in their first impressions of a detailed suggestion, then all of rest of that suggestion you spend much time thinking and writing out, may be wasted. To even have your suggestion be acknowledged typically relies on the popularity of your suggestion.

    I did post some suggestions back when I was subbed to C3, they're likely buried amongst all the other suggestions, but this thread made me wonder what would have happened if I posted on the forum about one of my own suggestions, would it gather more attention? If so, why aren't more people doing this?

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