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  • I can't seem to find any reference material about the tween behaviour. Does anyone know if there are any tutorials on how to use it? liteTween mas much easier to use.

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  • There's no reference materials yet, we'll release documentation for new features with the next stable release.

  • Nepeo Can I ask you a small question about Tween?

    I noticed that when you start a second tween (with the same tag) while the first tween is running, it doesn't "overwrite" the first one and the results are quite weird.. For example, if there are two actions like this:

    Sprite Tween X to 100 in 3 seconds
    Sprite Tween X to 500 in 2 seconds

    As a result, the sprite will move fast for about 580px in 2 seconds, and then slow down for the remaining 20px.

    Is it supposed to work like this, or is this a bug?

  • I think you can disable "allow multiple", this is currently bugged though so I´m not certain. (Should be fixed next release)

    Other than that, it makes sense for the sprite to move like this. While both tweens run the first two seconds, the sprite moves ~283 pixels per second. Then one of them is done tweening, now only the 3 second long tween is still running at ~33 pixels per second. Considering you move ~566 pixels in the first two seconds, it finishes the remaining 34 pixels in 1 second.

    EDIT: Speaking of the next release... it did just release that second :D

  • WackyToaster I'm comparing with the LiteTween - there when you execute a new "Start tween" action, a previous running tween is cancelled/stopped. Here it looks like two tweens "overlap". I really don't see how this can be used in a game, because it's very difficult to predict the result.

  • dop2000 I wasn't involved in the tween plugin so I'm not really sure. Diego is currently working on a bug that sounds similar though. See if the issue is resolved in the release that just went out, if it isn't file a bug for Diego to look at. He can tell you if it's expected behaviour, a quirk or an error.

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