How long does it take for C3 to notify that it’s available for offline use?

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  • I’ve been using the trial version of Construct 3 for a couple weeks, and I have yet to get the notification that it’s available for offline use. I did the step that puts a shortcut on my home screen back when I started using it. When I’m not online, I get a page cannot be displayed error when trying to open Construct 3.

  • I just noticed that too. I usually am always online but right now I´m on the train and sadly there is no proper net and construct is not working offline. Even if I manage to get it started it won´t cache and shortly after will cease to preview projects when I lose the net again. It appears to be broken in the stable release since it works for me in the newest Beta.

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  • Since the previous update, I’m still having the same issue. Is this planned to be fixed in any future updates?

  • Several updates later, same issue. When will this be addressed?

  • My system works fine for that (it tells me that its available offline use within a few minutes) with r119. Chrome, latest updates on a Windows 10 system. Maybe its the browser? Edge seems to have many issues with this sort of thing.

  • I’m using the iOS version on iPad Pro. I follow the instructions on the website for putting it on my home screen as an app, and have used it for several hours. I don’t have this issue on the Windows version. It can’t be a restriction on mobile devices though, because their features page clearly advertises that it can be used offline immediately before and after paragraphs detailing the ability to use it on mobile devices as well as pc and Mac. I doubt they would put something so blatently misleading like that if it were the case that the offline feature only works on pc and Mac, especially since they don’t list that as a restriction.

  • The offline support works everywhere, but only Chrome and Firefox support showing the "ready to use offline" notification, because only they support a feature necessary for sending a message from the Service Worker back to the page. Edge and Safari will support it as soon as they get support for BroadcastChannel!

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