Is there a way to lock the Layout/Event sheet tabs?

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  • Those tabs are so small, I often accidentally close one of them and have to re-open them from the project bar an re-arrange it back to its original spot. Is there any way I can prevent this, e.g. by 'locking' the tabs so I can't click them away?

    Of course I could use longer names for layouts and event sheets, but I really am looking for a solid solution for this.

    I can't be the only one who finds this annoying?


  • To me, the tab design as a whole is a bit of a tragedy. But it works, so oh well.

    Personally I'd do away with the tabs entirely and use the list in the project bar directly as a replacement.

    It doesn't bother me enough to think that it's worth spending time to redo though.

  • I think the tabs are useful though, but the X's in the corners need to go. Maybe just have us right click them and select 'Close' or something.

    I think only having the project bar is not a good way to go. Since you'll be scrolling up and down all the time since there are many other objects there, even if they're inside folders. Plus you need to double click them (currently) every time you want to access them.

    It doesn't need to be redone if you ask me, just the X in the corners of the tab could go. Or at the very least be hidden unless the tab is active, that'd also help.

    I think we could use a set of options to choose from, it could be as simple as be added in the Settings; 'Right click to close tabs', and for you 'Don't show tabs'.

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  • I love the option of removing the Xs and right clicking to close!

    I'm not sure what the state of the suggestions platform is, but it'd be a great idea to add there.

  • Yeah it wouldn't be hard to implement. But did you manage to customize the close button out of the tabs though? I was aware of the right click menu. Nice!

  • Someone possibly as neurotic as me!!

    I am constantly closing one tab somewhere at the beginning of the line of tabs and then having to close all the tabs to reorganize them again. (Drag and dropping tabs only works correctly if you only have 1 line of tabs.)

    I would love to have a system where when the user clicks Once on the layout/sheet to the right, that layout/sheet opens. Just one click. I don't need the tabs at the top.

    Of course that wouldn't work for games with a thousand layouts and hundreds of sheets, but for my projects, where I only have around 5 of each it would be amazing.

    Of course, they're implementing much bigger features, so I'll just live with the tabs.

  • I'm OCD with the tab order as well. I have 3 rows of tabs in my project and I get pretty stressed if I accidentally close something on the first row. I'd love to have a way to lock the tabs and keep them from accidentally closing. I'd even be happy with tabs that can be properly dragged and dropped across multiple tab rows.

    But I'm in the camp of keeping the tabs, using the project bar every time to select the item to view would be too cumbersome in my opinion.

  • Can someone explain this problem about dragging tabs not working properly when there are multiple rows?

    I don't see it, it seems to work ok. I just tried creating enough layouts to have three rows of tabs, and it looks like you can arrange them properly. Maybe there is something more to it?

  • DiegoM

    That's an easy one.

    When I build my games, I like my tabs to go: home, homeSheet, menu, menuSheet, game, gameSheet and so on.

    If I close, let's say the home tab by mistake, I reopen it and it opens on the bottom row of tabs. When I go to move it to the top row of tabs the homeSheet tab goes down to the second row of tabs. C3 randomly moves a tab to the bottom row. It would make sense if it moved the Last tab down to the bottom row, but it moves a random tab to the bottom row making it impossible to arrange the tabs in the correct order.

    I'd like to lock the tabs in place so they can't be closed by mistake. Or Right Click to close would be great too!

    However, when it comes to added features, I'd rather you make a great AR plugin, than worry about tabs.

  • pandabear7413,

    Yeah, there are 2 problems with my idea to click once on the Project bar.

    The first is if someone is making a very large game with a lot of layouts it would take them forever to find what they want.

    And 2, that would mean that objects in the project bar, like sprites, would also open with one click. And most of the time when you click on a sprite you don't want it to open, you just want to select it for some reason. That would be a huge issue.

  • dazedangels

    I see what the problem is now. What is happening is that as a tab is dragged, it switches place with the one located where the pointer is at.

    This works properly if there is a single row, because you can only move left or right, but I can see why it would produce unexpected results when moving up and down.

  • DiegoM,

    I bet when you started with C3 you never thought that tabs would be an issue on anyone's list lol

    Right click to close or locking them so they can't be closed unless unlocked would be great, but the tabs the way they are isn't going to stop me from using C3.

  • Yup, an option Right click > Close tab would be great to have, I still ocassionally accidentally close one of the tabs, damn that one click x! So far my only solution is to give the layouts and event sheets longer names, so you'll less likely click that x, but that can easily double your tab row, which also eats up your work 'space'.

    P.S. A bit off topic but I had some random C3 editor tab 'lockups' before, after choosing a new image in the sprite editor, and closing the sprite editor, it would forever show a loading cursor, and you can't do anything anymore in the C3 editor. Which is basically a total loss of work. I didn't encounter that anymore, but I didn't see any stable release update. Something was changed/updated in Chrome perhaps?

  • There is a context menu with the option to close a tab already. Maybe you missed it? Just try right clicking on a tab and it should appear.

  • There is a context menu with the option to close a tab already. Maybe you missed it? Just try right clicking on a tab and it should appear.

    Yeah I know it's there.

    But what I'd like to see is those tab x's gone and only able to close the tabs when using that right click > close on tab to close it.

    Currently I'm closing tabs (hitting that x) accidentally much too often while I just want to click on the tab itself. Then you'd need to find, double click, and re-arrange the tab again every single time you close one.

    It's a first world problem, but a terribly annoying one.

    Or give us an option to disable those x's in the settings.

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