Loading SVG images is too slow.

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  • I didn't know when I was developing on a PC.

    After exporting to mobile, I checked on the mobile device and found that SVG loading was very slow.

    In the game I'm making, 80 different SVG images are used on one screen.

    The screen pauses for a while before moving to this layout. (3~4 seconds)

    As I would expect, the process seems to wait until all the SVG files are loaded into memory.

    Because I put spinners for UX.

    However, the spinner also stops working before moving the layout...

    Are there any good alternatives?

    You can move any image to Sprite, but it's very cumbersome.

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  • SVG are rasterized - converted from a vector format into a bitmap format - before they are used. So I suspect that time is to rasterize them, rather than load the SVG into memory. Objects that are small or not scaled far from their initial size, I would suggest converting those into regular sprites (PNG). Limit SVG usage to backgrounds and other large objects.

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