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  • Hi everyone!

    I couldn't find the answer to my problem. I've probably tried everything to fix my problem.

    In my game I use text scaling, for example when I click on it left mouse button the text increases and back to its natural size. And everything is fine. I saved the game on the slot. I load this game and where there has been a text scaling I have bold and italic text. I tried to change it in debug, but it returned to the bold and italic text.

    When I save the game and load again, everything is back to normal. Over and over again.

    If I need to explain something again, I will try, because I want to solve this strange problem.

  • Without seeing your actual code, it's going to be near impossible to diagnose this.

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  • Without seeing your actual code, it's going to be near impossible to diagnose this.

    Thank you for your interest. I quickly made a project in which this error is visible.

    Project: https://megawrzuta.pl/download/9e681ddc51ae117493a919a8b08913ac.html

    and the plugin that I use to create this program:


    Press the save button and then load. Please look how the "START" text behaves.

  • Well... that's rather confusing.

    If you use the ticked value in any way, it changes the font face for some reason. I even tried storing the ticked value as a global var, rounded it, converted it to int and it still changes the font face. I have honestly no idea why it's doing that. And it appears to only be doing it for the value returned by the plugin. I set the text size manually and it worked as intended.

    But I did find a workaround.

    In the line where you set the START_TEXT font size to the ticked value, add a line below it.

    -> START_TEXT: Set font face to "Arial" (normal)

  • I can also tell you this. It appears you created this in C2. I ran it as a C3 project and it didn't do it. My new guess is that this was/is a bug in C2 that got fixed in C3.

  • Thank you very much! It's great that it was solved. It could actually be caused by bugs.

    Thank you for your help :)

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