Little help with Rewarded Video Ads and GDPR Compliance

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  • Hello. I have a little problem here. I want to make a game and publish it on the Google Play Store. The only ads that I want to put in the game are the rewarded video ads, when thr user taps on the hint. And if the user wants a hint he must watch a video in order to receive it.

    I read a few posts here about the mobile advert, i read the mobile advert construct 3 page. In general i understanded how it works.

    But my question is if i turn on the option for location in EU, is that enough for gdpr conpliance?

    If not, what am i supposed to do, so google dont suspend my app or my account?

    I know that there are some special regulations in Italy and China. How am I supposed to handle that? If those are for ads and no for iap only?

    Thanks in advance.

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  • Hello

    I'm also very interested in this matter.

    I'm using google analytics to track my game popularity (it is a browser based game for desktop and mobile) and since it is distributed mainly in Europe, I need to have this cookies consent dialog displayed when the user opens the webapp for the first time.

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