Liquidfun JavaScript - LFJS - [behavior]

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  • Thanks all for your responses. i was having similar questions and your answers were helpful to me.

  • Thanks for your interest, dragontattoo !

  • Have never been so hyped for a plugin, it looks great!

  • Any rough release date? I am so excited about this plugin!

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  • Yes please. I would have so much fun playing with liquid sims! Would love to hear a tentative release date :)

  • Thank you all for your interest - it is really appreciated!

    I'm just doing some last cleaning up of the plugin - things like making sure that the event texts are consistent and appear logical.

    I've also got to tidy up the particle control events because the Liquidfun particle system is both powerful and complicated. Particles have behaviors that are set by binary flags, and the library supports changing these flags after particle creation. However, editing some flags makes no difference, as if the spawn flag settings are bound for the particle's life. No biggie, as long as it's understood and clear. I just need to make sure that the available events are correct!

    Once this is finished then the plugin will be ready for a beta release - sometime in the next week, I hope...

  • OK,

    I've added a few features that allow you to edit the particle flags (behavior flag bits) after creation. I had to create my own methods in cpp, so that's why it's taken me a little while. But now you can do this (delayed setting color-mix flag ON):

  • Aww yeah, color mixing! Now you just need to release it ahhh

  • Finally, Beta v1.0.0.0 is now available for sale at!!

  • Congrats on the release! It's so much fun to play with and a ton of great examples.

  • Congratulations! Now lets test it and see what we can make with this gem.

  • Thank you Mikal Karentzos !!

  • Sweet, though I hoped I'd be able to tinker around with it for free :V on the other hand it's probably good that I can't since tinkering means I'm likely not as productive as I could/should be.

    I'll defenitely buy it though once I have something specific in mind or am free for tinkering!

  • Update to v1.0.0.1

    Added support for particle sprite Tint effect control.

    You can now add the color Tint effect to the particle sprite and the plugin will then opt to use that to control the particle color. This is much faster than the previous color method, but it does have one limitation: if your particles are semi-transparent (ie alpha < 100%) then Tint might be slower. The plugin auto-detects the presence of Tint and you can override its use by a new Action. The Particles - color and shape from image demo contains an example of this action in use.

    Still in beta, but fingers crossed for a stable release soon...!

  • Hey Colludium great plugin! I have a question, how do I make particles temporarily change color on collision, like in this video where water turns white while being poured. Also, for some reason in my project all particles are invisible after update (same with old examples), how can I fix this?

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