Lifetime plans for construct 3

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    How can I get a lifetime plan for construct 3

    I simply cannot afford a monthly or yearly plan for construct.

    I'm just a kid I'm just getting into making games I don't want to be held back by free limitations

    I would love to upgrade to c3 but its just out of budget for my that's why originally I came here to find out how to get a license for c2.

    If anyone works at construct please remember the main demographic of these kinds of engines beginners without jobs or strong sources of income

    I would use other engines but I am slightly dyspeptic and cant understand the big crazy coding systems.

    please don't forget us.


    If you can't afford a monthly or yearly plan, were you expecting a lifetime one, if it existed, to be cheaper?

    well no I just cant afford the monthly if it was a one time payment I could afford it

    but since the bill will keep coming back I just wont be able to make enough money in time to pay again for a long time

    I understand why there is no lifetime plan for Contruct. You pay for hosting the engine on a server and continuous updates, improvements and bug fixes.

    So it will be difficult fo the Construct team to offer a lifetime plan at an affordable price.

    But I am still for an extension of the free version ;-)


    I'm afraid that you won't find a really comparable engine to Construct.

    Scratch ( or Phaser ( would be two free alternatives, but with the latter you can't avoid programming.

    Maybe you can get an education license as a student, which is even cheaper than the individual plan.

    You can try GDevelop, it's free, it's working like Construct 3 (but it's very less powerfull.)

    And come back on Construct when you'll have some cash for it! :p

    I just cant afford the monthly if it was a one time payment I could afford it

    This doesn't make sense. For example, Adobe's Master Collection (most of their latest programs) used to cost $2500 USD as a one time payment, and then when they came out with a new major version, they'd offer a discount to existing license holders to upgrade, though it was still expensive.

    Later, they changed to a subscription model, which I believe is/was $50/month USD for full access to what had been in the Master Collection. Paying monthly, it would take 4 years and 2 months to equal the one-time cost of the original Master Collection. The advantage was simply that you bought it, whereas with the subscription, you never owned the software.

    I very strongly believe that the best subscription model is the one used by Sketch (the design program for Mac). They have a first-year fee (~$100 or something; I think it changed recently), and that buys you the program along with 1 year of updates. After that year, you can continue at a slightly reduced cost (~$60 or something, I think this also went up recently), or you can hold off on paying. You keep the software, but you don't get additional major updates (most of their updates are "major").

    Using that model, you basically pay for each year that you're using the software, but you never lose the ability to open and modify your old files. This incentivizes and empowers the devs to keep working, and it prevents users from losing access to software they've paid for.

    Scirra would be even more awesome if they went to a model like this, in my opinion. Still, the current model is totally fine.

    Finally -- the notion that you can't afford $8.33/month (the avg when paying by year) seems unambitious of you, if you actually care about this software. If you truly are that constrained financially, then there are free alternatives available, though none that directly compete with C3's offering.

    Didn't there use to be a lifetime plan?

    I could have sworn I got one in approx 2019/2020. Or even before then.

    I only just started looking at Construct again now many years later.

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    We do not intend to introduce any lifetime plans for Construct 3.

    Closing this thread as it has been discussed extensively in the past and this was also a bump of a 5 month old thread.

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