How do I let my Loading animation not get stuck?

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  • Hi. My loading animation is just a nice sequence of rotating dots in a loop, at loader layout.

    So at loadingprogress = 1, I am restoring a couple of dictionaries from LocalStorage, which is why (I assume) my loading animation gets stuck for like a second, before going to the next layout.

    Is there any way I could perform all the dictionary/LocalStorage/json commands in parallel while my loading animation keeps animating smoothly? because that's the point of loading animation right.

    Please help. Thanks!


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  • The easiest would be to stagger the loading a bit like

    Load dictionary


    Load dictionary



    Go to layout

    The animation will still stutter a bit though but at least it won't look frozen. On that note, I've never seen a loading animation not stutter. The actual use of a loading animation is to let the user know that everything is still running (and not frozen/hanging)

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