Layout tabs order doesn't 'save' when closing and opening C3 projects

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  • Hey, I noticed when I open up my projects, somehow the layout order doesn't save.

    For example;

    Level1, Level2, Level3, Level4

    May open as;

    Level1, Level2, Level4, Level3

    I don't know why it does that, and I need to re-arrange it everytime I open up my project. I'm using Google Chrome and release r257, but I think it also did that with the last stable version.

    Is there a setting box I need to tick or is it just me?

  • I have had this same issue for a few releases now. I figured it was the custom theme I'd been using, or some problem with the cloud file sync.

    Do you use a custom theme or save in dropbox by chance?

  • No I don't. I save my C3 projects on my PC. I'm not using a custom theme either.

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  • That's good to hear, though I suppose it means I can't help much either. I've tried to make a replicable version of the error, but I can't - so I haven't been able to file a bug report. My feeling is that when a project reaches a certain size, it can no longer save the editor's tab state, but that's just a guess.

  • I think I figured it out.. whenever you accidentally close a Layout tab, and re-open it, it will be added to the far right of your tabs and you will need to re-arrange it.

    Apparently C3 will 'remember' that far right state, rather than the re-arrangement after re-opening that tab.

    I've been looking for a way to disable those #lju@$% x's on the Layout tabs, the tabs are so dang small, I often accidentally close a tab when changing between them.

    Might also apply to Event sheet tabs.

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