Landing Page using C3?

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  • I thought we can only create a game using C3 but actually, we can do many more thing eg. create some basic app using C3. That's really amazing.

    My question is can we create a typical Landing Page using C3? Can it possible? Is there any workaround?

    Example By using Google Forms?

    When a user clicks a button a new layout will open and it will load our Google Forms, and then once the user has done submitting then he can return back to the main menu using the back button.


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  • Yes, you can do this. However, both of the questions you've posed recently revolve around external websites (Google, Twitter, etc.). The best way to do this IMHO would be to create the page yourself using HTML and CSS and use an Ajax call to load it into this plugin:

    Then, send the contents of the form back to your website.

  • Thanks for your response, It seems like the way which you just portrait is the only workaround as of now, It bit difficult for me to pull off using those things and I'm a bit worried also because it gave some random error when I started exploring it thus I can't really rely on this as for now. I'm hoping Ashley could come up with something natively powerful tool than iFrame. Construct 3 is already a powerful tool but if it can borrow some basic feature from Thunkable then more people would quit using Android Studio for sure lol.

  • Well, the Thunkable feature I hope they don't include is the fact that I crashed it to a white screen in about 5 minutes of goofing off. What I'd rather see is the ability for Construct to CREATE the Thunkable site rather than compete with it.

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