Are there known inconsistencies between C3 preview and NWjs exports?

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  • I'm doing R&D on adapting my project to C3 now, and the results I'm getting in the preview is super encouraging. Apart from text not rendering properly, (waaay too small in C3) it's next to an absolute 1:1 conversion on first try.

    However things go south quick when playing a NWjs exported version of the game. I don't have time to get to the bottom of all the issues and file bug reports, but I wanna know if people experiences similar issues.

    Issues I'm encountering in the NWjs build:

    Load image URL sprites sometimes either don't load properly or render wrong.

    Tiles either render wrong or not at all. Almost as if it reads width/height differently in NWjs.

    Video doesn't work in NWjs.

    Layer opacities and blend modes seem way inconsistent in NWjs. I even saw fades of sprites that shouldn't even be in the layout.


  • if you import .mp3 sound it sometimes won't play - have to convert it to .wav first

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  • Issues I'm encountering in the NWjs build:

    You're probably the first one to port a project of that size. Just for the record: which NW.js version are you seeing those problems at?

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