How Do you know what causes slow down?

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  • I am working on a game that is similar to a mini golf game. I am very new to construct 3 and I was wondering that with a game like mini golf mostly everything needs to be physics based. So if my game has a lot of things the ball can bounce off of how will performance be overall? I know physics usually takes up some amount of performance and I might not even be asking the right questions. Is there a way to know how well Construct 3 is handling my game vs it being my web browser or PC causing any sort of slow down?

  • I wouldn't worry too much about performance in your case. You have more or less a single moving physics object. Static objects don't have much of an impact. On PC you can easily use quite a bunch, on mobile you should limit it a bit. There is no real difference between webbrowser or node webkit (that is still basically just chrome). It's probably best to test it out, see how many physics objects you can drop until the framerate tanks.

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  • Thanks for the reply

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