[Just for fun] What is your favorite Condition & Action in Construct 3?

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  • For me, personally, it'd probably have to be Pick All - it's a lifesaver when it comes to layering. for example.

    As for the action? It'd have to be Set Platform Maximum Speed to 9100!!!!

    No, I'm kidding; It'd have to be Set Layout Effect Parameter. I absolutely love (and loved) checking out the cool effects you could do with stuff, and honestly, it really helps to make my projects (and layouts for that matter) really look nice and really come alive. *ooh-la-la*

  • Favorite event - "For Each"

    Favorite action - "Move at angle"


    Most hated - "Trigger once". It always amazes me how much chaos and mess can this little condition cause, when used incorrectly :)


    Also, just now I discovered an action that in 3+ years of using Construct I've never noticed before - "Recreate initial objects". Whaaat?!

  • After every function call I have to Pick by UID--so its pick by UID for me.

  • My favourite condition/action combo is:

    [ * ][restart layout]

    * = a blank condition

    No crap, I've lost count of the amount of times I've had students put their hands up (or just yell across the room) that their game is frozen and won't respond.

    This is the first thing I look for in their event sheet and sure enough, it's almost always the same thing. I guess they figure that having a blank condition means it won't trigger the action.

    The other one they always mess up (despite me telling them many, many times) is creating a layout but not linking an event sheet to it.

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  • 1000 IQ condition right here.

    Jokes aside, I like compare two values.

  • WackyToaster better add an Else just to be safe. I hear Microsoft is replacing Edge with Chrome.

    Favorite Condition: Pick nearest / farthest

    Favorite Action: Wait

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