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  • I developed a game on construct 2, and integrated it with a native app using a webviewer, locally. When I moved the project to Construct 3 I've had the following issues:


    MimeType of .js files in some Android versions, apparently from Android 9 and below, are not being resolved correctly with Construct 3 games, instead of application/javascript it is coming as text/plain. The game is getting a black screen because of this problem and it won't load.


    Game data files were not loaded into the local webview. Thus, we had to use a web server to load the game. When we tested it previously in Construct 2, this problem didn't exist.

    I tried to reach out the support for this but I got no response. Anyone knows the reason behind it? Shouldn't c3 work the same way?

    If anyone got a hint about this, thank you in advance :)

  • If you run in to any problems with Construct 3, please file an issue following all the guidelines, as we need all that information to be able to help. C3 games should be working just fine on all Android 5.1+ and iOS 12+ devices.

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  • Thanks Ashley, I didn't see the form so I will look into that.

    Could you tell me if C3 can run an html5 project locally in a native app (for both android and iOS) using a webviewer or it does require a webserver? When we tested this with C2 it worked, so we wanted to know if something has changed between the 2 versions regarding that matter.

  • The built-in Cordova export runs games locally using a WebView. It should be working fine.

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