Introducing web adverts in r269

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  • Krizzel29

    What other networks?

    I've been looking for other networks with not much luck.

    What do you know of other ads networks that work like Google ads in games? (Not necessarily with C3, just in general)

    If you have an affiliate link, I'd be happy to use it.


  • the sites option does not appear in my AdSense account

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  • lifeas

    It should appear in the tool bar on the left.

  • also there is a support email if you need help:

  • Hello team

    Should i have an already approved adsense account for html 5 gaming, or what should i do to get whitelisted, what is the small script u talked about in step number 4


  • Hello there, so the small script is just to confirm the site is yours, you can find it when you sign up to AdSense.

    You play the code in your index.html on the root of your domain.

    Once you have An AdSense Account and a Publisher ID (you will find it after you create your AdSense account). You can apply for h5 game ads approval here.


  • As far as I know, getting whitelisted is the only requirement. In my own testing that was the only thing I needed to do. I wasn't too clear in whether the process is fully automated or if there is some form of manual reviewing going on though.

    I don't know if you strictly need to have existing traffic, but I think it weights in the review process, that is what I meant in the first post when I mention you need a "real" website. I am not sure what would happen in the case of submitting a brand new website that looks nice but has little to no exposure.

    As for iframes, I tried this out myself to be sure what was going to happen. I did this by placing my whitelisted website in an iframe in another website I made which is not whitelisted.

    The results where, interesting...

    Initially it didn't work, as expected because the website iframing the original content was not whitelisted. But I found out that if I navigated in the iframe to other parts of the contained website, then ads started to work in it. I mentioned this to people at Google and they told me that shouldn't have worked. So I am thinking that at one point or another they will fix it.

    DiegoM - is your whitelisted website in Wordpress? afaik Adsense only accept sites with the usual blog structure (with About Us, Contact, Privacy etc). Since C3 is not a site builder, then we all have to iframe it on a CMS?

    H5AdsEngineer - would Adsense recognise if the site is submitted as a game rather than a blog website for whitelisting?

  • DiegoM

    This api really works. Thanks for the nice job. I will add it to my games on my website.

    There is a feature that I would like to add. = "data-ad-channel"

    In this way, we can follow the advertising revenue of the project.

    Example :

    <script async


    src="" # your publisher ID




  • Has anyone successfully implemented Mobile Advert for a website here? I have done it, but it's not working.

    (My adsense account has been approved for adsense for game and my website has also been approved)

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