Introducing web adverts in r269

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  • As of r269 we are trying out a new advertising technology, Google's Ad Placement API.

    Currently it is only possible to show ads in mobile exports. This new feature allows to show ads in web exports, so it opens up a new venue for monetization.

    The current implementation is rolled up together with the mobile ads in the Mobile Adverts plugin, this is because the API's are very similar, the idea being that the same project can show ads whether it is exported for mobile or web.

    The most important thing to remember is that web ads will not just work on any website. You will need to get the website that is going to host your game to be whitelisted. This means that ideally you should control this website, to be able to update it.

    First let's go over the things you will need to set up before any of this works.


    1. Sign up for an Adsense account.
    2. You will need a website which is whitelisted to show ads.
    3. Fill in this form to indicate interest in using the Ad Placement API.

    How do I whitelist my website?

    1. Visit the Sites options in the left hand side menu of your Adsense account.
    2. Find the Add site button and click it to start adding your website.
    3. Follow the steps.
    4. You will need to modify the root of your website by adding a small script to it.
    5. Request a review.

    After sometime, hopefully your website will be approved and your game will be able to show ads.

    Plugin setup

    The plugin properties have changed a little bit to accommodate for the new changes. There are two groups Mobile export and Web export, these are just cosmetic and highlight to which kind of export the properties are related to.

    The Publisher ID property makes a return after being removed in a previous release. Now it only affects web adverts, so if you are just using the plugin for mobile, you don't need to add it.

    If you need it, it can be found in the left hand side menu of your Adsense account in "Account" -> "Account information"

    Differences between Mobile and Web

    Ad units

    If you only want to show web ads, it is not necessary to provide ad units in your actions, the field can be left blank. If you are planning to use the same project for web and mobile though, you will still need to provide them.

    Supported ads

    This new API only supports two types of ads: Interstitial ads and Rewarded ads. Banner ads are not supported, trying to show them in a web export will have no effect.

    About Rewarded Ads

    There is a slight difference between rewarded ads in mobile and rewarded ads in web that should be considered.

    In mobile when the ad is viewed you can use the RewardType and RewardValue expression to get information about the reward and this information is set in your Admob account through the ad unit.

    In a web export, because you don't use ad units, the rewarded ads will always return the value "Reward" for the RewardType expression and the value of "1" for the RewardValue expression.

    For this reason it is recommended to use the Platform Info plugin to decide what to do after a rewarded ad is viewed, depending on what platform the game is running on.

    GDPR related actions, conditions and expressions

    Currently there is no support for consent gathering in a web export, so the Show user consent dialog action does nothing. This might change in the future.

    ConsentStatus and IDFAStatus expressions will always return "UNKNOWN" and "not-determined" respectively.

    The condition is in EEA or unknown will always evaluate to "true".

    Set max advert content rating, Tag for child directed treatment, Tag for under age of consent and Request IDFA actions are not supported in a web export.

    Ad blockers

    Be aware that web adverts are treated just as any other advertising technology in web, so it will be blocked by ad blockers. Remember to configure your ad blocker to ommit to see the test ads when developing in Construct and localhost if your are working on your own website.

    This is all still in beta

    This is not only true on our side at Scirra, but also on Google's side. What I am trying to say is that things might change in the future.

    That should cover everything for now, let us know how this works out for you!

  • Two questions.

    This is actually working as is without any other approval than the site whitelisting?

    In other words anyone can use it now, and they don't have to worry about already having existing traffic like the "Ads for games" which is also still in beta after several years.

    Then what about stolen content? What's going to happen when someone embeds a game in an Iframe somewhere else? (I realize that's several loaded questions)

    Thanks for your time on this.

  • As far as I know, getting whitelisted is the only requirement. In my own testing that was the only thing I needed to do. I wasn't too clear in whether the process is fully automated or if there is some form of manual reviewing going on though.

    I don't know if you strictly need to have existing traffic, but I think it weights in the review process, that is what I meant in the first post when I mention you need a "real" website. I am not sure what would happen in the case of submitting a brand new website that looks nice but has little to no exposure.

    As for iframes, I tried this out myself to be sure what was going to happen. I did this by placing my whitelisted website in an iframe in another website I made which is not whitelisted.

    The results where, interesting...

    Initially it didn't work, as expected because the website iframing the original content was not whitelisted. But I found out that if I navigated in the iframe to other parts of the contained website, then ads started to work in it. I mentioned this to people at Google and they told me that shouldn't have worked. So I am thinking that at one point or another they will fix it.

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  • Ok, well this is definitely a step forward.


  • DiegoM,

    What do you mean by whitelisted?

    Let me tell you what I have and may be you can tell me if what I have is considered whitelisted.

    I own a dozen domains, I rent a virtual private server, host 9 websites, have a half dozen cPanels running, FTP access and have been using AdSense for years (back in the day I made around $1,500 a month with AdSense).

    I'm using the self-hosted WordPress foundation from wordpress.ORG on the site where I have my games ( and the games are outside of the WP program.

    Would you consider that whitelisted?

  • dazedangels

    If you login to your Adsense account and go into the "Sites" option in the left hand side menu, there should be a list of all your websites. All of the ones that say that are ready to show ads, should be considered whitelisted.

  • Hello Everyone,

    I am one of the Game Engineers from Google,

    supporting the new H5 game ads API.

    First big thank you to the Scirra team

    for adding support in their wonderful Construct 3 engine.

    To anyone interesting in the H5 game ads API

    Please check out the developers site

    Everyone is welcome to try it in their games, their is a Test mode

    that allows you to use placeholder ads.

    If after testing you wish to join the Beta and generate Revenue

    please apply here

    To be approved an AdSense account and an example of your game is required.

    Any feedback is welcome !

  • Hello, since this new feature was implement, when I do a build the adverts didn´t shows on android. I tested old versions and runs fine, has change now the way to implement android ads?

  • Hello DiegoM , I really need help on this, because when I compile my project for android in a previous version on construct 3, adverts runs but not now.

    I did a test, a simple proyect with a button, on touch it shows a rewarded advert.

    On release r260 it works

    On last release r276.2 doesn´t work

    what changed? how to fix it?

  • the same thing!!! advertising doesn't work!!! The application now does not open in older versions!!!

  • this is really good

  • This would be great if this worked with banner ads.

    Why leave out banner ads?

  • RandomPixels

    Consider looking at this other thread,

    There is an issue around adverts since r276 which affects some Android Application IDs, unfortunately it is out of our control, but there are a couple of ways around it, if that is the problem you are having.


    The only reason for banner ads not to be supported is that the library from Google that C3 is using, doesn't support them. Why are they not supported? Not really sure, but my best guess is that they know that interstitial and rewarded ads are way more effective and decided to drop banners because of that.

  • is there a plan on adding multiple ad network and not just admob? considering the price increase hopefully they well be added.

  • Hope you get whitelisted

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