Would you be interested in a plugin to easily create custom buttons ?

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  • Hi, Would you be interested in a plugin to easily create custom buttons?

    What do you mean?

    Easily create a Button, you just need to customize the images of it.

    For the text, there too you will have the possibility to customize it directly in the plugin, roughly, the button images and the text of the button are two different things, the images will have to be included by you, the text, you can customize it in the program... is it clear?

    8 possible states (images) for your button:

    Image 1: Normal (When the mouse does not interact with the button)

    Image 2: Selected (When the mouse is on the button without having clicked on it)

    Image 3: Clicked (When clicked with the left mouse button)

    Image 4: Disabled (Nothing happens, mouse events are not taken into account)

    Image 5: Switch On, Normal (Same as Normal but on)

    Image 6: Switch On, Selected (Same as Selected but on)

    Image 7: Switch On, Clicked (Same as Clicked but On)

    Image 8: Switch On, Off (Same as Off but on)

    There will also be the possibility to put a text bubble when

    the mouse will move over it to find out what it is for.

    Also see if this is also customizable or not (Simple).

    You can also put a custom cursor on your button, those of C3 or one of your choice, you just have to create it in C3.

    You can create 3 Button Types with it:

    Standard (The Standard Button)

    Check Box (Alternate on and tin without constraint)

    Option (Only one Group Button can be On, the others are Tins)

    It will simply be necessary to activate or deactivate variables of the object....

    Do you like the concept?

    Currently to create a Custom Button, it's quite complicated, if you want to do it right.

    I propose to make it a plugin, I need to know if it would interest anyone.

    Obviously, this can't be free, unless someone wants to do the plugin for free?

    I don't think so, so I have to finance it at my own expense!

    The question that kills, how much would you be willing to buy the plugin?

    Obviously, the more people there are, the cheaper it will be!

    If there's only a few people who are interested, it's going to be complicated!

    But if there are plenty of them, the price may be attractive!

    So answer me, tell me what you think and how much you could put in it.

    Here is an example created with C3:


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  • From my side it's a minor interest. I have created a general system for handling buttons, but I wouldn't be opposed to using a plugin. You should consider adding a callback function (+parameters) that is called on click. I'd say <10 bucks would be reasonable.

  • Can you tell me more about it ?

  • It depends. Can the buttons be fully customized with CSS? Can the tooltips be customized with CSS? Can I change the fill and colors of the checkboxes and radio buttons? Are there onHover events and can I change the CSS when the hover event fires?

    Basically, as someone experienced in HTML and CSS can I make them look exactly the way I want, when I want but still make them look good when I don't want to mess with CSS?

    Can you make both noobs and pro's happy?

  • As for price there's two ways to do it.

    1. You make a FANTASTIC plugin that saves users TONS of time or gives them features they can't get anywhere else and charge a lot for it or.

    2. Bubblegum. You make a lot of simple plugins that make life easy and charge a little for each one.

  • Can you tell me more about it ?

    I have an instance variable where I can type the name of a function to be called when I click the button. And another for function parameters. Makes it easy to set up everything without having to specifically have an "on button clicked" event for each button and makes it easy to use multiple instances of a button that do different things.

    As for price there's two ways to do it.

    Three: Forego monetary gains and release it for free. Adds to a healthy plugin ecosystem. Take a plugin, make a plugin. :)

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