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  • This semester, students in my mobile gaming course are learning how they can use Construct 3 to create their own casual games. I am not new to Construct but this is the first time I have taught the class using Construct 3.

    So far, I have been pleasantly surprised by the upgrade. C3 keeps everything that I loved about C2 while fixing minor issues that used to bother me. For example, I love the fact that users can now drag assets into the layout and Construct will automatically recognize, rename, and import sounds and images. It also seems like there have been some major improvements to the event sheet which make it easier to copy and paste code.

    I would love to find a single message thread documenting all of the changes that people migrating from C2 should know about. Can anyone point me to such a resource? I have seen Scirra's marketing materials, and I try to skim the release notes when incremental upgrades are pushed out, but it would be awesome to see something written from the point of view of C2/C3 users.

    Such a thread might already exist in the forums, but I get a 404 error whenever I try to search the forums.



  • This question did not get a response, so I will try rephrasing it. :)

    Is there any single document or page which can help C2 users understand some of the most significant changes and improvements in C3?

    For example, in the process of helping my students trouble-shoot their games, I realized that C3 has added the PERSIST behavior. This is so cool!

    During the past two weeks, I have also learned that the event sheet editor has incorporated all sorts of useful changes.

    I will read through the C3 manual from start to finish, but it would be awesome if there were some sort of document which identified all of the changes and improvements that ex-C2 users should know when they begin experimenting with C3.


  • The only documentation would be the release notes.

  • Well, that answers my question. I thought that someone in the community might have put together some sort of guide or heads up for newcomers. Such a document might also be persuasive for users who aren't sure about switching from C2 to C3.

    Thanks, Newt. I will start reading over the release notes. I might also try to start a thread encouraging current C3 users to share their thoughts about new features and workflow changes that they find most awesome about C3.

  • They don't like doing roadmaps, which I can't argue with, but it does make it a bit hard to plan around.

    The Scirra store for example is showing more traffic, but less sales compared to last year. At least for my corner of it.

    Of course that really shouldn't effect user generated resources as much.

  • Can you finally select all frames in the animation editor? That is so basic it should have been there 5 years before Construct Classic was even conceived.

  • Can you finally select all frames in the animation editor? That is so basic it should have been there 5 years before Construct Classic was even conceived.

    Um, aside from the time thing, I'm not sure what the point of selecting all frames is.

    I mean if you wanted to delete all frames I think deleting the animation would suffice.

    Then you can't select them just to drag them somewhere as that's just too big a chunk of memory.

  • The point is you save a lot of time. This is one thing that is not there, yet it is more important than 99% of all the other "quality of life improvements" ( or whatever they call them ) they have added.

    That is exactly what I do, delete a whole animation then add a new one, but being able to select multiple frames ( the most basic thing in any animation software ) saves a lot of time when you have animations with a lot of frames.

    Sometimes you want to delete 40-50 frames and leave 10 in there. Deleting everything and importing new frames is still faster than creating a new animation, renaming it and setting frame speed, image points, collision polygons, looping etc...

    Just sayin'. There are a lot of improvements advertised which make practically no difference compared to this one and it is just absurd something so basic still isn't there. That should have been in there in 1985, that is how basic it is.

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  • adelwich - see the What's new in Construct 3 section of the website for everything new in C3 over C2.

    BadMario - Construct 3 does support multiple selection for animation frames. This kind of thing is super quick to check, just visit and try it.

  • Thank you, Ashley!

    BadMario,if you haven't had a chance to investigate Construct 3 yet, I highly recommend that you check it out

  • Ok, if it does now, my bad. Last time I checked it wasn't the case.

    I have a lot of projects in Construct 2, but am thinking about starting version 3 subscription soon and see what's going on.


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