Important changes to find when importing a Construct 2 project to Construct 3

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  • I've been using Construct 2 for years and just purchased Construct 3. I'm happy with it already but have a fairly large project I just imported into Construct 3. Everything seemed to work great for the most part, as I played for a while to see if any huge issues, but now I'm finding a few things that needed to be updated everywhere.

    What I have found so far:

    • Construct 2 distance(x1, y1, x2, y2) -> Construct 3 distance(x1, x2, y1, y2)
    • Angle is ditto above (and probably all similar expressions
    • Effects with colors are consolidated from 3 expressions of R, G, B to one expression using RGB255() system expression (or a few others you can use)

    Posting this to help others but would also love if any other differences were pointed out so I can make the change and not have to find them the hard way!

    Also, feel free to link to other forum or blog posts. I did a quick search but not a lengthy one.

  • ...okay, now I went back to Construct 3 and the distance and angle has not changed. Either I was looking at something else or am going crazy . . .

  • Not sure what you mean.

    Nothing has changed with distance(), or angle()


    Nevermind, didn't see the otherpost.

    We never really had anything official that could use rgb, but to be frank, the C3 set color for sprite is kind of pain to use., that and the inconsistencies with strings and integers is annoying.

  • Yeah, I'll probably delete the post or at least edit the original post so I don't mislead people . . . but I swear I triple checked the distance and angle expression, each, and it was different. Then after writing the post I went back and it wasn't. So either I am going crazy right now or I was pulling up a different expression?

    But it would be helpful to know if anything else changed . . . or to know what I was looking at . . .

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  • Everything you need to be aware of is documented in the manual under Importing C2 projects and The C3 runtime.

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