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  • Hello Developers,

    I'm curious on how "Icons folder" works.

    I understood the folder contains a list of default icons with different sizes.

    There is one icon ("loading-logo.png") that it is clearly used while the project is loaded and the proper configuration is set into the project properties.

    But what about the others?

    I've run out the forum to find some answers but they are not satisfying me at all.

    I didn't find any official document explaining the purpose of this folder.

    So, my questions are:

    • What is the standard name of the icon used?
    • What is the purpose of each icon?
    • It looks I can add further files at that folder, but at the end to do what since it appears just the defaults name are used?
    • For what platforms are used the icons? (android, ios, windows, linux...)
    • Are there other icon names may be used? (I have seen around here there is also an "icon-144.png" file type was used, but not into my C3 editor as far as I see)
    • What if the device is using a round or square icons? How do we need to arrange the graphic in this case?

    I know there are online tools that automatically generate icons for the different platforms but then what? they appears they are all generating standard files (with different sizes used in C3) easily usable in standard developers tools. C3 is using a different name format.

    Please don't get me wrong, I know there will be probably other priority but I really appreciate some clarity on this.


  • construct.net/make-games/manuals/construct-3/project-primitives/files

    Each icon's name is indicated in the project bar.

    Each icon's represent the icon of the application to a different size (indicated in the name) (if you export as a mobile application).

    It is used in NW.JS as well, and otherwise, as a web export, it will represent the favicon of your hosted game.

  • It's actually surprisingly complicated, because every platform treats icons differently, and often the platform-specific rules are themselves complicated, involve lots of formats and variations, and also change those rules on a regular basis too.

    Where possible, when exporting Construct automatically uses the largest icon in the icons folder as the main icon for your project. It may also use the smaller icons if the platform allows this and they can be automatically specified.

    However the platforms where this can happen and the precise icons that get used are different, and keep changing too. So basically Construct makes a best-effort attempt to use the icons in that folder automatically, but you should check the exported result and update or customise any icons after export if you need to (e.g. in Xcode for iOS).

  • Kyatric,Ashley

    thank you for you attention.

    Reading your answers I understood C3 is analyzing the list of the available icons and basing on the export you have selected it will use automatically the best icons favoring the biggest one to preserve image quality or picking up the one have the right size for the right purpose. Am I right till here?

    if so, adding further icons with different sizes will might cover unpredictable not documented scenarios?

    What C3 uses to pick up the best icons? the name or the real size of the icons?

    Of course the dynamic scenarios you'll need to face for the different platforms is complicating your tasks but I would appreciate a sort of guide lines the developer should follow to get the best results for each platform.


  • If you add a different sized icon, it might use it, it might not. It depends on the circumstances.

    IIRC it takes the size from the filename which needs to be in the format icon-SIZE.png, so it doesn't have to decompress the image to find its size. Obviously that should match the real size of the icon anyway, regardless of that.

  • The build service will validate that icons are the size their names suggest, as cordova will fail with a cryptic message if the size is wrong.

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  • I do really appreciate your clarification.

    Do you suggest or recommend additional sizes they are not included into the default C3 configuration?

    What about add all the sizes the online tools usually generate?

    thanks a gain.

  • Do you suggest or recommend additional sizes they are not included into the default C3 configuration?

    It depends on the target platform. Their documentation will provide you with the exact size required.

    We do recommend to check out the official documentation of the target platform of the game.

    What about add all the sizes the online tools usually generate?

    The provided sizes cover a wide basis of platforms.

    For specific platforms, you can make the required modifications on export.

  • I have taken a tour to look for an online multi platform app icon generator tool. There are plenty of these online tools and what I've understood is that there are no clear or maybe not up to date information on the argument.

    I have focused myself on Android+apple+microsoft platforms and what I've seen is that they are all proposing a bunch of different sizes. Some of them try to document each size others point to be minimalist and simply export the files with not so much info.

    Unfortunately just few of them may generate icons with square or round custom background.

    I think the best high quality option is to pick the best for each platform, generate the icons for each different platform, aggregate them into a folder and rename all icons respecting C3 naming convention and if your project don't blow up due to icons indigestion should cover the most of the scenarios.

    But if there is someone has found a real multi platform icon generator tool or found another multi platform proof solution is very welcome to share the link here!.


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