A huge thank you to the Devs of this great product

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  • Normally developers get the short end of the stick, so this is the long end and a huge thank you.

    Over the past month or two, i have delved deep into the C3 product, going from zero to decent level of knowledge both in using it on my iPad and on my Windows 10 box. Just in the past few days i have found what i think is undocumented ways to handle things, although it is probably discussed in the forums, the great devs are working on a new search feature, so i am long awaiting that new feature very anxiously.

    A few new things i didn't understand until here recently, is the inclusion of other event sheets into existing sheets, oh how it is so powerful and wonderful, then today i discovered yet another feature i never found in the documentation, the ability to use global layouts, all you have to do is include the layout layer and walla, you have instant resources. Man did this come in extremely handy for me, i created new layouts to hold my resource objects that are common to all layers, i created a layout that is used for my menu system, i created event sheet for my global variables, totally overhauled how i had the project designed so it really is modular now.

    I can literally create a level, add just the layers that make the layouts appear, include the event sheets i already coded everything on and simply design the level with no more coding.

    I can easily say, i haven't done that before in any other engine to date.

    So a huge thank you for the forethought that the developers put into the engine and looking forward to many more future features.

  • From everyone at Scirra thank you for your kind comments!

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  • I can agree with you, construct is very nice to pick up. But...

    all you have to do is include the layout layer and walla

    It´s voilà... you really made me laugh >:D


  • Lol.. ok to be more specific:

    Walla (Arabic for 'I Promise' reference Quora) it works! (Implied thought for rest of sentence)

    Strong sentiment for giving truth that for me it works without issue :)

    For all the minor issues that come up from time to time, I get more done in a single day with C3 that takes me many days in Unreal or Unity, but don't get me wrong, I love those too, but for 3D projects, not 2d.

  • C3 is my favorite product to use in the world! Great job team.

  • Unfortunately, for some people from other country where currency exchange is almost 4:1, it's too expensive for hobbyists. But yeah C2/C3 is really fun to use and, if monetization and exporting options are in a good place today (I don't know where C3 stands today because I'm quite off from the subject for several months) then It really worth the money.

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