Help with Loader style settings (android game)

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  • In the "Startup" section of the properties panel these choices are available:

    1 Nothing (not recommended)

    2 Percentage text

    3 Progress bar only

    4 Progress bar and logo

    5 Construct 3 splash

    option 1, 2, 3 and 5 works ok (although 1, 2 and 3 doesn't give a very nice starting impression imo)

    option 4 doesn't work as it totally ignores the loading-logo.png located in icons folder and only show the progress bar.

    option 5 works great but I would like to change the image shown with one I make my self, how do I do that? Where is that image located so I can change it?

    No need to refer to info on how to make loader layout since they don't eliminate the initial loader.

    Games would give a much better first impression with a custom splash image.


  • As far as I'm concerned, loading-logo.png always worked for me as intended.

    Are you trying to set up a huge image (1000X1000) in there, or something ?

    Could you post an example of a project where this option is failing for you ? Or the URL to an exported project that should display the logo and isn't once exported online ?

  • Kyatric Thanks for answering.

    To test just use one of the game demos, I just tested with "Glokar". Put in the required info for exporting to android and set it to use progress bar and logo and then export it to a debug apk with android 5 as minimum. When the game starts on the phone (I have tested this on multiple device both old and new) the loading-logo doesn't show only the progress bar.

    But all this is beside the point since the main reason for my post is to find out how I can replace the image shown when using option number 5 (Construct 3 splash).


  • Hmm so the logo + progressbar works for me. However, the logo takes almost as long to load as the progress bar. I can see that the game ends up loading so quick that the logo just doesn't load in time. The logo is just a png with the same resolution as the original loading logo.

    Though I'd assume that this should also mean that the C3 splash doesn't load quick enough but it does, so it's probably loaded differently or is significantly smaller in filesize. I don't think it's replaceable, maybe with a hacky way (you can unzip .apk afterall)

    Why not use loader layouts with the "Nothing" option for the initial loader? (Yes I know you didn't want to hesr that :P) It should load really quick into the loader layout anyway and it does offer some extra benefits.

    Also cordova does support actual splashscreens but not sure if one could easily implement that as of now. IOS also shows actual splashscreens before transitioning into the app.

  • WackyToaster Thanks for your reply but the main question remains unanswered: How do I replace the Construct 3 splash image used in option 5 with one that I make myself?

    Is there anyone in the Scirra team that can tell me where I can find and change it?

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  • You do not.

    The Construct 3 splash is not customisable.

    The main question here is actually why is your "loading-logo.png" failing to show, as it is the way to actually have a customised picture showing.

    What I can tell, from testing Glokar in remote preview on my phone is that the logo.png took a bit of time to download/display, but did eventually, right before skipping to the main layout.

    The logo is supposed to be downloaded first and be displayed quite quickly.

    If it does not on an exported project, perhaps it could be worth it making a bug report for it to the GitHub issue tracker here:

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