Does this happen to anyone else?

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  • hi, it's me again but in another forum this time.

    when I use a tilemap and I click on one of the tiles to see its collisions, the program hangs, freezes, dies and only lets me save a copy of my projects.

    for now I have been using the free version

    because I am relatively new and I want to see what things I can achieve with the program if this is a problem with this version no problem.

    but I thought we used the same version but with blocked functions

    Maybe it is a program error that has a reason for being and I do not know it.

    it has not been a problem, but sometimes it's annoying to click tile by mistake

    and that the program dies completely

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  • It sounds like a bug.

    So you should make a report for it :

    If you run in to a bug or issue in Construct 3, please post it to the GitHub issue tracker here:

    You must follow the bug report guidelines or your issue will be closed without investigation.

    What release of Construct are you using ?

  • Apparently it was a bug, I was using r210 and now that r218 came out, I try it and selected a tile again and the program gave no problems.

    If I find new bugs I will report them in the correct way.

    thanks :D

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