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  • Hello! Is there any tutorial about implementing Google Play in Construct 3 for mobile apps? I read the official manual but I don't understand some things (where is the "Client secret property " and where can I get it from on Google Developer Account page or where do I need to add "" in my project? Thank you!

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  • Hi Silviu,

    The documentation needs some updating, sorry about that. We recently updated it to use the native API methods when packaged up for Android. Before it used the web API, which had stopped working due to some changes on Google's part.

    If you set up your App on the Google Play Console according to Google's documentation, then in C3 you only need to include the "Game ID" value for Android to work. This value is a number and can be in the Game services list underneath the game name. Make sure you do your setup on the Google Play Console NOT the Google API Console.

  • The document has been already updated ? I am starting to learn about google play plugin. Is there any tutorial besides the documentantion ?


  • It would be great a tutorial for admob. It is a headache to configure all the options correctly.

  • it's not a good idea to revive old threads, they tend to not be relevant anymore.

    The documentation was updated some time ago. Ensure you are using the following manual page C3 manual - Google Play. I say this as we've had some users end up looking at the documentation on which is for Construct 2, and is often missing new features or incorrect for C3.

    I don't believe we have a tutorial on using the Google Play plugin, but the documentation includes instructions on how to get started for both HTML5 and Android exports. If you have any specific issues ask on the forum, there's a number of active users on the forum who have experience with the plugin.

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