Google Play Store Requires to Use App Bundle

  • Hi, I have created a signed APK for my game (76 MB) to be uploaded to Google Play Store but somehow got blocked (cannot proceed to upload) as Google Play Store generated a warning message for me to upload App Bundle instead. I have uploaded a few games early this year but this is the first time Google request to upload App Bundle. Does anyone have this problem and how to solve it?

    1. export to androidstudio project.
    2. select build > Generate Bundle/Apk.
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  • I am facing the same problem... is c3 going to implement it in next release?

  • Thanks Eren, that was helpful. In fact I found out that you can export your C3 file (c3p format) using either Construct 3's built-in APK Builder (which is AWESOME btw!) or Android Studio. If you use Android Studio, however, it can create App Bundle which Google Play Store requires. So either way is good. In fact I still prefer using C3's built-in APK Builder which saves me tons of work and time when exporting to other platforms which is AWESOME!

  • From what we've heard the Play Console shows a somewhat aggressive warning telling you to use an App Bundle, but it's not required.

    We use Cordova for creating mobile applications and it doesn't have support for generating App Bundles directly yet. Cordova applications don't lend themselves to the advantages that App Bundles offer, which is one of the reasons why the Cordova team haven't prioritised the work. Similarly when we looked into them we saw little advantage for us other than a small increase in maximum application archive size. We had hoped that they might resolve the larger issues around expansion APKs but they made no changes to that situation.

    If it becomes a hard requirement we might be able to workaround the issue on the build server, but we haven't looked into how feasible that is and it's an action that we'd like to avoid. In the meantime your best option is to export as an Android Studio build and export the bundle yourself. Android Studio isn't as easy to use as xcode but creating an App Bundle isn't too bad, so hopefully it doesn't cause too many issues for people. Although we are aware that it's not ideal.

    You can see the discussion on the Cordova GitHub

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