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  • Hi. I was inactive in these platforms quiet a while. Now that I'm back, due to legislations on my country (Brazil), I had to create another google play developer account in order to not pay 25% of taxes for sales in foreign currency, payed the fee and entered a requirement for transfering my apps, even though I had no apps today, just drafts, so I can terminate the old account. I did that. Now I need to know what should I do to use my adsense and admob account, which is from another gmail, in my new google play developer?

    In my adsense account I vinculated my new gmail from my new google play developer account, although I don't know if It's enough. Even if It's all done, I still need to know what to do with my admob account. Adsense and admob had lots of changes and integrations since I was away and, as far as I know, I can't transfer admob nor adsense to a new gmail account. In the adsense case, I can vinculate them, even though I don't know if It's enough, but with the admob I can't do both.

    I also saw that we need to set sales taxes to different countries on payment configurations on google play console. How should I know the taxes of several different countries?! Is it what they will take from the actual sale or is It a value that will be considered to compensate the tax (automatically determined by the legislation of that country) in the price of my in game product?

    Obviously, my goal is to use ad and IAP in my apps in a near future, thats why I'm concerned about it.

    Please, could someone help me?


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