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  • I was wondering if we could get a push to make all the relative Google api's Scirra official plugs.

    We already have Google Play, and iap, but Firebase, and analytics, etc are going to wind up being third party, which means less reliable updates.

  • +1 for firebase, as admob continually asks me to link my apps for better analytics.


    There might be others on and there's certainly other api's we could use gdrive, calendars, etc.

  • FYI integrating third-party services is often difficult, time-consuming, and has high maintenance costs since they often change over time or break things without warning. It's also absolutely endless - there are an unlimited number third-party services you could argue we should implement. Since we're a small team I think our resources are generally much better spent on working on the core product, except where there is an extremely compelling case (e.g. Instant Games - and even then, that's been a ton of work and already had significant ongoing maintenance cost that is delaying other core features).

    In short I think we will always treat suggestions along the line of "integrate third-party service XYZ" with some skepticism and reluctance. The plugin SDK is specifically designed to allow other developers to integrate third-party services - that's what it's there for, and provides an alternative option if you really need a feature that is not already supported.

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  • Ok, so I guess the question is if there are any other Google api's that are worth the effort of making official.

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