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  • EDIT: We've just published a blog post summarising how the jam went - you guys submitted over 250 games, which meant a sizeable donation for Special Effect! 👏

    Read the blog post here.

    How's it going everyone? The fabulous Global Game Jam kicks off this Friday (25th Jan) and to celebrate, we're opening up the full version of Construct 3 from now until Monday (28th Jan) 🎉

    So, now's the perfect time to give it a try if you haven't already, and there's a little bit of time to try it before the jam actually starts! Remember the full version gives you access to things like Remote Preview, the File Editors, additional debugging tools like the CPU and GPU profilers, and of course, no limitations.

    All you need to do is log into the editor.

    This would also be a great time to try out the new runtime if you haven't already - see our blog for a summary of cool new runtime stuff!

    And this year as part of our GGJ celebrations, we've decided that for every game you guys submit to GGJ made in Construct, we'll donate $10 to the amazing charity Special Effect. Again, see the blog for more details!

    End Marketing Plug.

    Anyway! If you're taking part in the jam, we'd love to know about it, so feel free to use this thread to share your creations, WIP stories and so on. Don't forget to tell us where you're jamming from!

    You can also share with us via our social media, or the hashtags #Construct3, #Construct2 or #MadeInConstruct!

    Happy Jamming!

  • Well, it's an opportunity to open my C2 projects in C3.

    I do not intend to participate in the global game jam, so can I open my C2 projects in C3 to test its operation and possible adaptation errors to C3?

  • You can do that even from the free edition when a game jam license is not available.

  • Is it related to the fact that C3 displays a black screen when launching preview?

    Tried in Chrome&Edge same thing.

  • Its also free to export project to apk?

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  • Its also free to export project to apk?

    same question? if i have my game on google play and just published, should i add it to the scirra arcade to get it into game jams?

  • Our results.

    Thanks for making C3 available for the Jam. How did it go? More construct users than last year?

  • haddy22 Nice job on Oh Claude, I like the art style!

    The list of Construct games made for the jam is here, numbers are looking good so far (244 games made in Construct) but there may be more submissions to come!

  • Hi there,

    congrats on all the participants for the entries and therefore upping the charity!

    I won't make it in time, but I'd like to share some insights gathered using Construct 3 for a few days now.

    Coming from C2, I must admit that I have been skeptical adopting to the follow-up, especially when per-se red flags like browser only, annual subscription etc. are raised, essentially the points that sparked some discourse with C3's release. This though was before the release of the C3 runtime.

    Working with the C3 runtime + latest beta additions (the return of Z elevation) this weekend, it's safe for me to say now that my concerns have been ... mercilessly eradicated?!

    A few hours in with a dev cycle, there is already an evident difference in performance. And by that I mean massive performance boosts, mostly gained through things like optimized for-each loops and built-in per tick object addressing, built-in colorizer (instead of tint, you can even boost the color range through events), spritesheet-esque additions to tiled backgrounds (offset, scale, angle, so basically sort of UV mapping), proper control of 9-patches (angle etc), automatic z-sorting through z-elevation, z elevation per layer, etc. the list goes on.

    Workflow-wise I left with the impression that the tool as a whole is somewhat more responsive, fluid and clean in UI / UX design, so there is also definetely an improvement that pays in time saved getting things done.

    The project I'm on now is an arena shooter that stress-tests the C3 runtime, with sometimes 1000+ enemies coming at the player + effect sprites, particle effects + all the logic. Having a similar build on C2, I'm coming from 30+ % CPU utilization to now 14%, leaving enough headroom for some either crazy effect additions or, well, unefficient code :D - always 60 fps, no frame drops.

    So long story short, the Game Jam as a marketing effort left me impressed with the potential and I'm strongly considering adoption now.

    One thing remains though: System expressions for raycast please! ;)


  • Hi, I too have tried C3, I never use C2 because in English.

    But I have tested a lot of game creation software, I really like C3!

    But still the subscription, I don't like subscriptions, but then I get used to it.

    And also, no subscription per month, only per year:(

  • Updated with a link to our latest blog post discussing GGJ. It's great to see so many Construct games submitted! Well done everyone!

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