Ghosting at 120hz on iPad Pro

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  • Hi guys / Ashley

    I've been playing around with an iPad pro and there is some very noticeable ghosting/stutter at the device's default 120hz.

    When I set the iPad Pro's limit to 60fps, everything looks perfectly smooth.

    Is this something that should be reported (bug), or is it a device-specific issue?

    Thank you in advance!

  • Construct should be able to smoothly scale up to 120 FPS with delta-time and framerate independence. You may need to alter your events to correctly take this in to account though, in case you accidentally designed your game to work at 60 FPS.

    Other than that, the frame scheduling is controlled entirely by Safari/iOS. You could try reporting any framerate issues to them at if you think it's a problem.

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  • Ninjadoodle

    I had this problem also with the Ipad Pro the Game was unplayable with very heavy stutters and screen flickering also the Camera does very heavy movements, I didn't know at that time what could be causing those problems I thought it could be the device that it's faulty as it only happens on the Ipad Pro and I didn't want to waste too much time on it and I left it aside to check it on the future but now that you posted it looks like it must be a device problem, also I didn't know that this device runs at 120hz funny and I didn't know we have that feature to set the iPad Pro's limit to 60fps that's really cool thanks for the info.

    I tested today again and the same thing still with heavy shutters and all those problems but setting the iPad Pro's limit to 60fps fixed all those problems and runs smooth as it should, so yeah that must be the problem.



    You may need to alter your events to correctly take this in to account though, in case you accidentally designed your game to work at 60 FPS.

    How would we need to alter our events, as far as I know, I just use dt on some events but I never locked it to run at 60fp I thought using dt it will take care of that and it will run at the device refresh rate

  • tarek2 Thanks for the info, looks like I'm not the only one with the issue. I'm honestly not sure whether this is the iPads fault or something in C3 not syncing up.

    Ashley Thank you for the reply. I'm only using built features like Tween / Sine, and at no point am I moving any sprites manually. I'm not aware of anywhere where I would be limiting the framerate.

    Here is a question - even though the iPad pro can update at 120hz, could we not lock the game to a max of 60fps? There is something definitely not syncing up and I'm honestly not sure where the issue lies.

    PS. It's not that the game doesn't run well - it's hard to describe. Any fast-moving objects just seem to be leaving a weird ghosting trail (not present when iPad set to 60pfs).

    Thank you in advance :)

  • I thought iOS already capped Safari pages to 60 FPS for compatibility reasons. If you display the game FPS does it read 120?

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