Game won't run on any tablet devices [Solved]

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  • I had a lot of ui designed in like 1 big image... splitting this to all single elements reduced the memory usage a lot, since big images take more memory in ram. Also then I could reuse a lot of those images on other parts in the game. Also I had some big (1200x700px) black-transparent "popup-bgs" which I resized to 50x50px tiles. So best practice here is to check your biggest images if they are really necessary or if you can split them and reuse parts of it (tilemaps maybe).

    A lot of small images / tiles is a lot better than having only a few big images / tiles.

  • Ok, maybe the answer to this will be a obvious "YES", but does the fact that like 70% of my game "engine" (i.e. the battle system) is in just 1 event sheet? Or it doesn't matter?

    It shouldn't be a problem at all (only that it maybe is a bit laggy in the editor)... How many events does your biggest eventsheet have? (mine is around 900 events)

    For memory usage you should only focus on images. Events wouldn't reduce / increase that.

  • A lot of small images / tiles is a lot better than having only a few big images / tiles.

    I'll keep that in mind when optimizing the game.

    By the way, when you say you resized images, how much are we talking about? Not the spliting, the resizing.

    I had huge background pictures (those I don't want to split) and i'm resizing them.

    They were like 2000x1000px and I resized to 1000x500. But I feel they are still too big...

    How many events does your biggest eventsheet have?

    Around 4000

  • Hey,

    1000x500px is still huge but if that's only 1 background you can also keep it. For resizing just check on a high end device if it's still looking acceptable. If you use pixel-art I guess you can use a lot smaller images.

  • Hey,

    I'm on the right track!

    Got the memory usage down to 300MB and now it finally works on some tablets!

    I'll keep optimizing until I reach around 150MB!

    I'm really happy and beyound grateful for all the help provided here!

    Thank you all so much!!

    I hope this post can help someone in the future.

    I've marked it as "Solved".

    See you guys around :)

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  • Just an extra information that I found in the past few hours and could be useful to anyone trying to reduce memory usage:

    When I downsized normal image sprites (even the big ones) the memory didn't go down much.

    But then I downsized a sprite with animation and it went down 100MB!!!

    (The sprite was present in many layouts, but it's still amazing! Makes sense, though)

    So from that moment on, I just went for those sprites and got my game down to 150 in minutes.

    Hope this is helpful!

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