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  • I was readying the gameanalytics sdk documentation and I got confused about how it works in C3 and about It's purpose. I saw many things like currency and dimensions. Isn't this plugin meant to get information about many different aspects of your game and the user and then analyse this data using the charts in GA's panel? Could someone explain me better its purpose and some good examples of its use, including a practical use in C3?



  • Bump.

  • Koss, not much to offer, but maybe you're interested in the Progression section, in the GameAnalytics SDK docs. I haven't used this library, but I'd summarize this all as: You define and log events of your choosing, to give you data on how players move thru your game. So you define your own game areas, like "level_1:area_23:build_bridge" and "level_2:area_1:attack_castle", and then use the progression actions to log Start, Fail and Complete events for them, with an optional score value. The Design events might be good too, as they're more free form and don't have defined start, fail & complete ideas. You just come up with an event like "level1:main:guiClickMenuRestart".

    I thought the first link below gave a little better description than their general Construct SDK page. I think you'd want to just create a few tests and see how it logs things and how their reports work.

    But it's not like some analytics tools, that give you a fair amount of data right out of the box. GA seems to require you to define just what you want to log and track.

    Data & Events:

    Main doc:

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  • nacra

    Basically you create "fingerprints" all over your app where you want to get some info and see these statistics in GA's painel?

  • Yup, that's my take: You define the values you want and choose when to write them to GA. So it's very custom and you get only the data you explicitly save.

  • nacra

    Thanks. Gonna take a look at it as soon as I can. Right now I'm getting back to launching apps again, and so many things that comes with it :P.

    4 years away in this subject is like 4 light-years lol

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