FunkyQuadZ Plugin for 3D Sprites [released]

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  • Update 2020 05 30

    - Added limited texture wrapping and example project.

    Update 2020 03 03

    - Added a few more animation condition ACEs to FunkyQuadZ: Animation Frame, Animation Speed, Animation Playing.

    Update 2020 02 29

    - Added more examples (camera, skybox)

    Update 2020 02 25

    - Added Texture Offset ACEs (allows for panning in texture or your own sprite sheeting.)

    Released Early Access version in (on sale and there is a bundle with 3DJS a nice template which uses FQZ.)

    Check it out here:

    Working on some new plugins for C3. Here's the blurb from the page, the plugin will be released soon and an link will be added to this post.

    How about a bit of nice 3D eye-candy in your Construct 3 game? FunkyQuadZ is a pair of Construct 3 addons for 3D Sprites and 3D Camera control. It can be used with the native C3 2D game events, editor, behaviors, and logic to make a game that looks like Paper Mario or Doom. Example templates will show how this can be done.

    There will also be a 3DJS template from Mitsu Studios which uses FQZ for a more complete 3D rendered environment.


    There are two main components: FunkyQuadZ (3D Sprite) and FQZCamera (3D camera position and look at control.) They can be used separately or together in the same project.

    Beautifully Constrained 3D

    Ok, this is not UE or Unity in Construct! Construct 3 behavior and logic are generally focused on 2D, but with some tricks and FQZ you can create a nice-looking 3D game environment and still benefit from the ease of use and speed of development of Construct using C3's great 2D events, behaviors and logic.

    You can follow development on twitter and I will post the itch page once it's ready for early access.


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  • Another Example

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  • 3D game environment + Events sounds awesome, can't wait to see where is going.

    Thanks for sharing

  • Hey this is great, can't wait to try it.

    Could it be used for recreating a 3d tabletop boardgame?

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  • Really cool work! Reminds me (obviously) about the classic 3D baby-steps like doom/wolfenstein.

  • Looking forward to this one!

  • Thanks all! Still on track for Early Access (might be some early access bugs to stomp or constraints) version later this week.

    Here's another example of playing with the camera.

  • Looks really good! 👍

    Best of luck with the launch!

    My name on here is different to my Twitter, but I was talking to you on there yesterday about your plugins.

  • Released Early Access version in (on sale and there is a bundle with 3DJS a nice template which uses FQZ.)

    Check it out here:

    Another example:

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  • This is very cool! 🔥

  • This is very cool! 🔥

  • Purchased. Don't have time to test at the moment but look really great, thanks!

  • Added new ACEs for Texture Offset.

    Update to FunkyQuadZ plugin. Added 'texture offset' ACEs to allow panning within a texture or texture spritesheeting/atlas for materials/models. This is one static FQZ, the 'movement' is from texture offset.



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  • This plugin is amazing, highly recommended, and for such a low price.

  • Example use of FQZ from user rilem, Airship!

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