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  • Here's an outlay of what I'm going to try and create.

    If people can link me to sources and offer tips to help this process go smoothly I'd very much appreciate it.

    1. Mobile App

    - Android

    - iPhone

    - How to set up phone controls?

    - Is it hard to test? (I have an Android Samsung S8 and friends with iPhones)

    What should I consider to get this to work?

    Considering iAP and maybe ads.

    2. Game type platformer.

    - Large levels if possible.

    - Custom Character Appearance.

    - Are changeable body parts possible, joints?

    - Pet spawning.

    - Character Dialogue

    - In game currency to buy in game store upgrades etc.

    - Stats history (enemies killed, times died, longest time without dying etc)

    - EXP gain and level up impacting overall stats.

    3. Animations

    - walk

    - run

    - idle

    - injured idle

    - Jump

    - Double Jump

    - Attack

    - Power Attack

    - Celebrate win

    I'm also considering a twist: sometimes battles go from standard Platformer battle mechanics and switch to a Turnbased battle scene.

    Story may come later if the game goes well.

    If anyone can offer any help or suggestions I'd very much appreciate it.

    So far I've been playing with Platformer tutorials and I've got basic movement, camera and animation down. Struggling to get a double jump Animation working, but have run, idle and jump all sorted and it's surprisingly smooth.

    I'm going to keep updating this as I go. Need to make this dream a reality. :D

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  • How to set up phone controls?

    Create sprites that you use as buttons and use the touch plugin and the "simulate control" actions.

    Is it hard to test? (I have an Android Samsung S8 and friends with iPhones)

    Preview is easy on both, but when it comes to the actual installing for testing, Android is far easier.

    2. Game type platformer

    Generally all you´ve listed is possible but I recommend starting with smaller goals, then adding on top later.


    Devour the documentation. If you´re stuck somewhere, check the documentation first. Most likely you´ll find your answer there. :)

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