False Payment ???

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    Ashley Tom Laura_D

    Yesterday,I was paying for the construct 3 license on their main website.So i filled my dad's debit card details and then clicked on the final button.But nothing happened.Then after 30-40 seconds a page full of javascript code came up.I thought that transaction must have been cancelled.So i was again filling up the details then suddenly my father got a message from bank that construct3 have already deducted the money.I thought that maybe it could be their style of suprising customers.But alas,neither i got the subscription nor the 'payment successful' confirmation e-mail.Infact i almost have no proof of proving that i ever paid for the subscription but at the end bank saved us.They said that many times this happens so just show them the transaction message "with all the details".So i messaged them all the necessary details and i am just hoping for good.(but the bank was saying us not to worry about anything as even their account must have got the money on the respective timing and then they will manually see the details)

    How many of the users suffered from this problem before ??? What you did next ???

    Please contact supportmvp@scirra.com for help with payments. For security reasons we cannot deal with this on a public forum.

    I have send the full report on the email I'd but no reply

    I earlier sent the email on support

    Ok I again sent the message on your given message

    Please work on THE PROBLEM AS SOON AS YOU CAN!!!

    Ashley ???

    Any new report???

    Not an abuse but your service is very slow. 2 days have passed and no reply

    This isn't a business support forum.

    Like most businesses they take the weekends off.


    Weekends are a thing you know. They´ll resolve it on monday I´d guess.

    Abhishek Thapliyal Dude relax, it's okay, your money is safe and you'll get your license. Just wait until Monday in (GMT +1 hour) London's time zone.

    You might have just been unlucky and got a system error at your account.

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    Thanks everyone for calming me down

    Please contact supportfss@scirra.com for help with payments. Obviously we cannot take up payment issues in a public forum due to the involvement of confidential information.

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